Ansible begins, and arc shipping update

drooling. i want one. i need to start selling some stuff.
Anyone interested in buying some cats? Two of them. They eat ALOT and have full working Tails


The Ansible page on ModularGrid lists it as 6hp, but when you search for it from the rack view it comes up as 4hp.

No way dude! :wink: I just cleared my cache and it says 4 there too and ends up cropped to 4hp in my virtuarack :cry:

same here. image cropped when added to a rack.

6hp fixed now. (someone confirm!)


no 5v needed, all 12v. you can lessen the 12v load by using Switch to power whatever USB device. without USB power it pulls substantially less than 100ma.

unfortunately in general it is not good to be close to the stated limits of a power supply.

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can confirm that modulargrid works correctly now.
refreshed the browser window with a rack containing ansible.
image comes up uncropped and the module is listed as 6hp.

6hp fixed, yes !
12v for ansible, that’s cool :slight_smile:

Cheers for the reply.

Ah, cool, that’s good. Have a switch, so 100mA is doable for me. Awesome.
That’s some interesting processing for having a grid/arc connected and for it to only draw 200mA on the +12V, nice work! A big advantage over the +5V

Well I’m at the limits for proper use. I have a self imposed absolute max load of 70% on all my supplies. I have too many supplies :joy:

@laborcamp guessing we can’t plug our mantas into this but would be so so sweet if tehn had beaten jeff to the punch!


i didn’t even think about that!
Yes, it would be amazing!


ah, shouldn’t have sold my manta years ago.
always on the look out for an affordable v2 manta since then.
and yes, ansible with manta would be fantastic!


So, ansible is going up for orders sometime today, correct?

top post updated with new vid.


direct order placed.
now, on pins and needles until arrival.

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Placed mine! This is my first monome module. Been drooling over these since the first one came out. Been a grid / arc person for a while now. Very excited about this.


Excellent! Both Arc modes are great. Levels is a bit like a quantized Frames. There’s a lot of power in there. I particularly like how the scales and octaves are lit around the ring.

Cycles is very physical.

I’m considering ordering one immediately and one in the future. Can more than one be connected to Teletype simultaneously?

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Any new EU retailers lined up? I have contacted a couple and they say they’ve been in touch.

Not that I’ve any complaints with Escape From Noise, but choice is always good…


i’m expecting EFN, perhaps london modular. again i suggest contacting whoever you’d like to carry these.

amazing! i love how often you demos feel like a mini performance :smiley: