Ansible CV LEDs

I’m working with a newly acquired Ansible and have a question about the visual feedback/LEDs when using any of the CV outputs with my Grid. I’m using the Ansible in a sufficiently powered case together with Switch. When in 8-track gate Meadowphysics mode I get 8 LEDs firing as expected. However, in 4-gate, 4-CV Meadowphysics mode, the CV LEDs are very weak unless I push past +2 or 3 volt threshold. In other words, lower notes give no visual indicator at all; higher notes do. Same situation with Kria. Is there a design decision or are there hardware constraints behind this or am I simply running an out-of-date firmware?

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That is normal for Ansible. I thought something was off with mine at first and asked the same question.


Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated. Because they remain dark at lower voltage, and thus offer no indication that an event is occurring, I wonder if there’s an argument that the CV out LEDs should fire at 100% regardless of the voltage.

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mine too Triggers are quite active CV from Grid is not as bright

when i am doing quantized note CV from ansible, i usually don’t get any LED activity at all. i have never minded this, but for the purpose of strumming modules like rings and braids that can trigger internal VCAs from the v/oct input, i would quite like to see on ansible a full brightness CV LED option.

It seems like we have a quorum. Shall we make a feature request with the developer or hack the code ourselves?

i appreciate this feature request, but unfortunately it’s impossible as the LED is hardwired to the CV output, not independently controlled by the microcontroller.

this is also the reason for the low brightness (almost off) at the 1V range. LED optics don’t scale linearly with voltage, but it looks good enough when you’re using a wider range CV output.


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Not a huge deal, more of a “nice to have”. Thanks for chiming in!