Ansible + Cycles Feature Requests

Yes, tt is current. 1.3.1 works better, Cycles is not stepped anymore but position is still 0 - 64 for going full circle. I cannot test it now cause I have to get up early tomorrow for work. Bedtime now…

You’re absolutely right. i don’t know what happened. Apologies.

I tested this extensively and it was definetely 0 - 64 not 0 - 255. But I just thought that I always attenuate the output range and wondered if it could be connected to this?
I can not test it cause I am on a train to work atm.

EDIT: Tried this with no effect.

Cycles is stepped again after powering on today. At least no unwanted reverse when resetting at the moment.

this was a bug in the code, fixed in the newest update

i’d like some additional integration for cycles with teletype: the ability to detect rotation direction. right now we can set direction, but not get it.

i’ve started working on a teletype script called srmb: shift register music box.

the idea is to turn a knob one way, and every time it hits the peak (north or south), cycles sends out a gate. based on the direction that cycles was rotating, when TT receives that gate from cycles, TT sends out the next note in a pattern tracker. or, if cycles was going the other way, when it hits that same point, TT instead sends out a random note from the tracker, updating its position of what note is now next.

but i realized that this will only work with two different spin actions if TT can poll cycles for rotation direction.

Saving everything to USB would be great as you would not lose everything on forthcoming bugfixes and could use it for more sophisticated operations.

Config settings or simple via teletype remote would be nice too. Like Sync, range waveform or the respective features on Levels.

Hi. So I finally got an arc and it really is a thing of beauty, even more magical than the grid somehow. I have been using it mostly with my modular via ansible but have also been in awe of some of the stuff stretta is putting out and have been enjoying ‘capstarc’ too; There seems to be something so intuitive about using the arc in that way, it feels familiar. It has got me thinking about a possible extra ‘mode’ in ansible’s cycles, I wonder whether it could be accessed by holding down key2 and moving through modes with key1; it would be brilliant to have a static voltage offset controlled by the speed of rotation on the arc rings, so obviously stopped would be 0v and I guess at full tilt clockwise something like +5V. This would mean that you could patch in to something like the varispeed on a morphagene or position on clouds and get a kind of tape capstarc style control. I know this may seems a little boring and it could obviously be done with any static voltage generators but like I said arc does this so very well and the visual feedback is like nothing else, add editable and patchable friction into the mix (implemented in exactly the same way as the other ‘modes’) and I think this could be a great addition. As a bonus anticlockwise rotation could output a ‘wavering’ voltage (still an offset but affected by an lfo) which speeds up with the speed of rotation maybe although this is starting to sound like cycles itself. No idea what triggers/gates would do in this mode, probably just what they do as is. Disclaimer; as a non-coder I hate to be that greedy guy and in no way either assume this stuff is easy or have any expectation about it’s implementation, I love what I can do with these tools as is. The fact that arc inspires ideas about other applications is I think a testament to its simplicity and depth.
Cheers HN


Maybe I didn’t understand completely, but this sounds to me like Levels in volt mode, when not clocking it/running a sequence. You can use it as 4 offsets.

Yeah I could do that, but I could also generate offsets in that way from Rene or Maths or whatever. It just felt so right the way it was implemented in capstarc, in a visceral kind of way, like the faster or more I turn the ring the more voltage it generates with that beautiful visual feedback. That way it feels like turning a record by hand or moving a playhead on a tape or cranking a dynamo and generating something. Also, friction makes this stuff ‘feel’ even closer to something real, you have to keep turning the ring or the voltage drops to zero and done that way it’s really unstable too, you can hear your hand in the movement thanks to how high-res the arc seems to be. It’s one of the few experiences I’ve had with digital stuff where all the layers in between my input and the sound seem to totally disappear. Hope that makes more sense, sometimes I find it hard to articulate this stuff.

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Yes, this is an idea that came to me too - not only for using it with sample players but also with sequencing. It could output faster cycle speed relating clock/trigger signals then. Maybe reading out the current cycle speed from a teletype command?

Definitely makes more sense - I think there is a space in the Arc/Ansible world that hasn’t been explored yet, for sure. I also am really blown away by the feel of the Arc - there’s nothing quite like it.

Maybe a fringe case, but there could be something nice in setting friction (and maybe force?) per ring when in unsynced mode. Maybe through TT?

If not this, general TT control of those parameters as already-implemented would also be fun. I could imagine a drunk walk on friction would make for lively control, like CY.FR.SET 0 DRUNK 64. Or a script that brings the Cycles to a dead stop over a controllable period by adding friction.

edit: woof. I’ve realized how hard it is to conceptualize TT ops…I’d imagine there also needs to be an amount of friction argument in something like a CY.FR.ADD. Maybe using the 0-255 range. so CY.FR.ADD x y z where x is the ring, y is the amount of friction to add, z is the time (optional). so, that prior example would be CY.FR.ADD 0 255 * M 32 for a full stop over a period of 32 Metro clicks.


Yes, CY.FORCE X Y and CY.FRIC X Y per ring as teletype operators would be really great!



It would be nice in both cycles and levels if there was a way to keep the offset/octave, clock div, etc. pages up without holding the buttons. This way you could more easily “play” the pages while you cycle though a pattern. I hope that makes sense

Also the ability to clock the channels separately in levels from teletype would be sweeeeeet.
Had some other tele integration ideas but can’t seem to recall them at this time

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Yeah, different clocks (and different lengths ?) for the 4 Levels’ channels would be awesome…

I thought there were no individual channels but scenes with four values in Levels.:thinking:

I suppose that could have been the original idea, which makes perfect sense. I was just thinking it could be interesting. Also the ability to choose between level and cycle per knob would be cool. Probably a headache to implement. Also I have a feeling this could be possible with the Arc ops for tele that @scanner_darkly mentioned a while back

I know that if I really want these to happen I should probably wtite the code myself, but I have no experience with that and it’s pretty intimidating. But it’s never to late to learn

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Could we get some way to add offsets in Cycles? Another menu page, or maybe via TT? Something like…

 CY.OFF 1 V 2

Or maybe I am missing some other way to do this?

I think it is essential that we can update the firmware separately from managing the presets. I don’t care if it’s a complicated, command-heavy procedure; I’m getting enough complicated sequences in Kria that whenever I update the firmware recreating them is becoming impractical.