Ansible + Cycles Feature Requests

Yes, you are right - it was the Verbos Complex oscillator where it occurred to me and it seems to have some kind of slew on its 1v/oct input I wasn’t aware of. Tested it now with other oscillators and no slew anymore, sorry for this fall alarm!

In sync mode, i’d love to have a way to synchronize the master to incoming pulses, like a tap tempo. Using input 1 ?
(Which makes me think : who really uses Gates for Friction ? Isn’t it typically something you want to do by hand ?)

Using Gates and Triggers from MP for friction and force is something I do. It is great when you dial in a nicely balanced amount of force and friction in the config settings.

For me friction and force are the main features of cycles and I would not want to lose them on the jacks.

Maybe a triggered reset could done via teletype remote.

Thanks for answering. A remote action with TT would be ok !

Cycles :

  • in sync mode, could we have the ability to reverse the rotation of single knobs ? It works for all knobs.
  • it seems that the absolute position is expressed in the 0-127 range, and not 0-255 as it’s stated in the docs.
  • is a command for to modify speed doable ? i am especially into the multiply factor in sync mode.

yes. CY.REV 0 reverses all. CY.REV 1 reverses knob 1, etc. many commands follow this convention, where 0 means all.

thanks for the heads up on the position range, will check.

more commands are possible of course, but we clearly need to get this version stable first. thanks for the reports.

I’d love a bi-directional Meadowphysics->Teletype command. Something like:

MP.LINK 1 4: Every time MP channel 1 fires, trigger script 4.
MP.LINK 0: Link every MP channel to corresponding TT scripts.
MP.UNLINK 1 4: Remove the link between MP channel 1 and TT script 4.
MP.UNLINK 0: Unlink every MP channel from TT.

This would save me a lot of cabling. It would also unlock cool switching techniques (i.e. every time MP channel 8 fires, remove the link from channel 2 and link it to channel 3 instead or vice versa). Similar commands for other apps would be nice, but MP seems like the obvious first candidate since it has 8 triggers.

I mentioned this in the TT 2.0 thread, but I’d also like to use Arc and Grids as TT controllers by plugging them directly in. With an Arc connected, it’d be cool to have commands like:
ARC.VALUE 1 to read the current value of knob 1. It’d essentially add 4 more param knobs.


I regret, in sync mode, only CY.REV 0 and CY.REV 1 have an effect and they both reverse ALL the knobs.

Hm, not here - CY.REV coming from a script works for all channels on my Arc. But it is not exact. The small part of the cycle that is going back and forth when constantly reversed is wandering around while doing so.

you’re running into limitations of the digital timing in its current implementation. you can likely maintain a relatively precise range by alternating CY.POS and CY.REV

understood re: sync mode. that’d be a feature change.

also, reported elsewhere, but the CY.POS range is 0-255, i just checked. 0 is north, 64 is east, 128 is south, 192 is west.

I just checked it and 64 is defenitely north 16 east, 32 south and 48 west here.

flash this newest:

and your tt is current?

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Yes, tt is current. 1.3.1 works better, Cycles is not stepped anymore but position is still 0 - 64 for going full circle. I cannot test it now cause I have to get up early tomorrow for work. Bedtime now…

You’re absolutely right. i don’t know what happened. Apologies.

I tested this extensively and it was definetely 0 - 64 not 0 - 255. But I just thought that I always attenuate the output range and wondered if it could be connected to this?
I can not test it cause I am on a train to work atm.

EDIT: Tried this with no effect.

Cycles is stepped again after powering on today. At least no unwanted reverse when resetting at the moment.

this was a bug in the code, fixed in the newest update

i’d like some additional integration for cycles with teletype: the ability to detect rotation direction. right now we can set direction, but not get it.

i’ve started working on a teletype script called srmb: shift register music box.

the idea is to turn a knob one way, and every time it hits the peak (north or south), cycles sends out a gate. based on the direction that cycles was rotating, when TT receives that gate from cycles, TT sends out the next note in a pattern tracker. or, if cycles was going the other way, when it hits that same point, TT instead sends out a random note from the tracker, updating its position of what note is now next.

but i realized that this will only work with two different spin actions if TT can poll cycles for rotation direction.

Saving everything to USB would be great as you would not lose everything on forthcoming bugfixes and could use it for more sophisticated operations.

Config settings or simple via teletype remote would be nice too. Like Sync, range waveform or the respective features on Levels.

Hi. So I finally got an arc and it really is a thing of beauty, even more magical than the grid somehow. I have been using it mostly with my modular via ansible but have also been in awe of some of the stuff stretta is putting out and have been enjoying ‘capstarc’ too; There seems to be something so intuitive about using the arc in that way, it feels familiar. It has got me thinking about a possible extra ‘mode’ in ansible’s cycles, I wonder whether it could be accessed by holding down key2 and moving through modes with key1; it would be brilliant to have a static voltage offset controlled by the speed of rotation on the arc rings, so obviously stopped would be 0v and I guess at full tilt clockwise something like +5V. This would mean that you could patch in to something like the varispeed on a morphagene or position on clouds and get a kind of tape capstarc style control. I know this may seems a little boring and it could obviously be done with any static voltage generators but like I said arc does this so very well and the visual feedback is like nothing else, add editable and patchable friction into the mix (implemented in exactly the same way as the other ‘modes’) and I think this could be a great addition. As a bonus anticlockwise rotation could output a ‘wavering’ voltage (still an offset but affected by an lfo) which speeds up with the speed of rotation maybe although this is starting to sound like cycles itself. No idea what triggers/gates would do in this mode, probably just what they do as is. Disclaimer; as a non-coder I hate to be that greedy guy and in no way either assume this stuff is easy or have any expectation about it’s implementation, I love what I can do with these tools as is. The fact that arc inspires ideas about other applications is I think a testament to its simplicity and depth.
Cheers HN