Ansible Docs

just pushed a substantial update-- thanks for you patience. we have diagrams on the way for the grid modes and please ask questions in the meantime.

furthermore the first firmware update will be coming along in the next few days, along with a teletype update for those of you looking to do some tangled interfacing. when this happens i’ll move the ansible firmware over to a the public monome github and y’all can start chopping it up.

ansible was a big coding task-- many modules worth of code! but the app-switching framework feels like a good start for those looking to change or create new things for grids/arcs/midi.

huge, huge thanks to @ngwese who designed and coded the entire MIDI section of ansible. it’s a lot of fun if you haven’t tried it out yet.

also huge thanks to @laborcamp for the exceptional diagrams in the docs.

more soon!


Perfect timing for picking up my Arc + Ansible today! Thanks for the docs, seems like once it is in front of me it will become much clearer.

I’ve just glanced and almost shed a tear

Remember having an open family-style dialogue on the old forum about improving documentation? THIS is what I’m sure you were aiming for…

The amount of effort it took to make this mustve been tremendous


Indeed! While glancing through I caught myself thinking “damn, these diagrams look slick!”


Cool! Looking over it now – is there a way to set a custom scale?

Just got the Ansible late last week, loving it so far!

One thing that I’m fairly certain is off is the octave select on the Kria mode. Only track 1’s octave shift works, and it applies to all tracks. Is this intended / changeable?


that sounds like a bug. will check it out.

kria/mp have a scale builder. on the arc the scale modes are fixed-- though i intended to share the same scales between all apps-- i need to check on that.

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thank you so much for making these available! looking forward to the new diagrams, too. i have a couple suggested additions:

the grid apps state that there are 8 preset slots available, but there’s no number listed for arc apps.

also, this sentence from the arc preset section could use some clarification:

“Rotate to one of the other slots press either Key 1 or Key 2 to read and write respectively.”

rotate what to where, and how many other slots are available?

As you rotate the left ring, you will see that one of eight sections will be dimly highlighted, and you will be rotationg bright segment to one of the remaining sectors of the ring.
There are 8 segments on that left ring. Think of each as a slot to save your presets into.
left key (key 1) is READ, right key (key 2) is WRITE.
So, as you rotate, you “select” a slot to either READ the preset from, or WRITE one to (aka: SAVE the preset).
Last savd preset will be the one to load on startup when you power cycle your setup.

I think the idea of using the grid apps to create/save custom scales, which would also be accessible via arc apps is a good one.


Agreed, that would be great, so I can keep using my fav pentatonic scales! :+1::grinning:


this works if you have both devices. how do folks who only have an arc create custom scales?

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good point…


I can imagine a process set up for scale input on the arc, though I can also imagine it being somewhat tedious? maybe not.

wonder what then had in mind here.

one could start with a “full” semitone spread, and just move the ring dial step by step, and perhaps use some of the buttons to toggle them as “on or off”? if all octaves were mirroring these actions then it could be a pretty quick process.

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that makes sense, it’s kind of how notes are entered into the levels app anyway, right? initially chromatic, turn encoder, press button to select specific note, which could then be fully lit.

in fact, to make it even easier when dealing with all those small LEDs on one ring, display only one octave of notes at a time, but select different octaves using a second encoder, which can show a small chunk of range all around the encoder at various intervals to indicate higher or lower octaves
similar to the Cycles display of ratio 16x, 1/2x, etc.

@hungryghosty fixed. thank you for the bug report. will be in this week’s firmware update.

Will Ansible’s MIDI apps accept MIDI from, say a laptop? Would we use the USB cable shipped with the module for the connection?

that’s not a current feature though MIDI device mode has been discussed, so someone in the community may take this on.


Excellent! Thanks Tehn.

Really enjoying the ansible + arc setup so far. Could someone, perhaps @laborcamp talk a little more about the levels mode and how the gates work - more or less if there’s any multiplication/division going on or how it’s working in particular. Still trying to completely wrap my head around that. Thanks!

Reading the manual before my ansible arrives tomorrow. Does the […] in the teletype section mean it hasn’t been implemented yet? Curious what the commands are, etc.