Ansible Earthsea

Can’t thank you enough for this! I was one of the folks that couldn’t get the original earthsea module to behave in my system no matter what I tried.

One thing I notice with this version; however, is that notes/arps are being retriggered/reset when I release a note/button. This makes it difficult to play one note to another with even timing unless I actually time my release before pressing another button (which feels really odd). I’m guessing this is somehow a result of implementing polyphony or note-stealing in earthsea?

I’m running earthsea in arp mode and loop mode with only channel 1 gate and cv active.

I know norns is upon us, but if you could look into this when you get a moment it would be much appreciated! :blush:

not sure i understand correctly, could you list the steps and the desired outcome vs what actually happens?

Sure, no problem:

I record a pattern, activate arp and loop, press a button (notes/gates sound). Depress/release the button, and upon releasing the note/gate pattern sounds again. Normally, if you press down a key (on a keyboard for example) the note sounds and then when you release the key, you hear nothing. That’s not what is happening-I’m hearing the note/arp pattern being triggered again upon release. It may be easily overlooked, but try it and see.

got it, an easy fix, i’ll post a new version tonight.


20 characters of sweeeeet! :pray:

here it is:

^ this is basically the official 1.6.1 + earthsea

quick reference


thank you so much!!! :heart_eyes:

Just tested and it’s perfect; thank you!

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So that includes all the ratcheting stuff and whatnot, too? :mage:

looks like it - it’ll have whatever is in this release:


Im a bit embarrassed to ask you to walk me through this considering how much time and effort you’ve put into this project but… Im struggling with the hex file. I know basically nothing beyond the most basic functions of a computer so i’m most certainly missing something (many things) i’m on a mac by the way.

I did a few quick searches in the forum and the wider internet and it seems (perhaps) a zip file with the flash command would help?

I have successfully updated ansible firmware in the past with a command file.

i’m not confident that im using these terms correctly so again I apologize for asking you to hold my hand through this

I was wondering the same, don’t feel badly

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This is how I do it, but checked the forum to make sure this is common wisdom:

You can use another ansible .zip and replace the hex file, then run the update.

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if you don’t have a .zip handy, you can grab one here

edit: hope that helps!

sorry - i should’ve posted a zip as well!

give this a try: (84.5 KB)


It worked!!! computers are magic!!! thanks again!!!


thanks for confirming! i edited my post to include the zip.


would it be possible to add the TT commands for this version of ES? And maybe a few new ones :slight_smile:
something like this perhaps:

etc. including all the commands applicable to this version.

then maybe some new ones that address the polyphonic stuff?

AES.TRANS x y (x being the voice 1-4 y being the transposition value)
AES.MUTE x y (x being the voice 1 or 0 for on off maybe?)
AES.DIR x (0 for forward 1 for reverse)

i love all the control you get with kria and TT so these thing occurred to me as i use ES all the time as well. :slight_smile:

likely not in this version, but definitely when i get the time to work on a new version. and yeah, makes sense to add polyphonic ops. i’ll probably reuse the existing namespace though so the same set of ops can be used for any version of earthsea.

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awesome! i assumed for whatever reason that the existing ops will only work on the original earthsea module hence adding the A. perhaps i should have tried before i posted this, but do the existing ops work with this version?