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Great update! One thing I’ve noticed is that using the progress bar to jump positions when a loop is playing backwards has strange behaviour. Specifically - playback will move to the opposite of whatever position you select.

no, scales are shared by all presets (and shared by meadowphysics/kria/earthsea), which explains the behaviour you’re seeing.

thanks for the bug report - indeed, forgot to account for reverse direction, will fix this.

Playing around with aerthsea today and running into a situation where whatever clock I give it seems to be divided- couldn’t find anything about this searching the thread for a bit- is there a clock div page I’m missing somewhere?

i think there might be for kria? not for earthsea though, it should follow the external clock 1:1.

using it extensively for drums\chopped breakbeats at high bpm count, dividing\multiplying clock externally, never ran into this problem. but i almost always use it externally clocked for such duties.

fix for jump to pos not working after a pattern is reversed:

ansible.hex (273.2 KB) (86.9 KB)

this concludes this version development (with the exception of any critical bugs discovered) and has now been superseded by Polyphonic earthsea for trilogy/ansible and er-301/just friends/txo


i think i found a bug but i maybe wrong.
with both this last update and the preceding one, if you clock ansible and then try to use the /2 or *2 runes, they don’t work.
i’m able to get the /2 rune to do something if i press it repeatedly a lot of times and then the sequence is basically stuck at the first step of the playhead and doesn’t advance.

i think you can replicate this.
don’t know if this is a bug or if i’m missing something, but i remember using the /\ and the / runes (with ansible externally clocked) and being able to sort of reduce or augment density of events. now this is not possible.

double/half speed runes never worked with external clocks. but there was a bug i fixed that might explain the change in behaviour - previously the runes didn’t account for chords (earthsea will treat notes that are within 30ms of each as chords) so at some point you would cross the threshold and it would sound different. now the runes will leave chords intact.

this sounds like a bug, will fix.

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strange, i really recall using them on the chopped breakbeats (er-301), so the ansible was clocked, for sure. maybe they worked for some reason without you knowing it? :slight_smile:
anyway thanks for checking it out!

the fix for half speed rune not working when pressed too many times: ansible.hex (273.3 KB)


new version that includes fixes from here: Kria: How to create "longer" sounds and faster gates

ansible.hex (273.5 KB) (88.8 KB)

edit: updated with the better fix for tied notes


How do you install this? And what if installing it bricks the Ansible?

This is exciting but also terrifying because I have no experience with this kind of thing at all…

I’m very minimally experienced when it comes to stuff like this and I’ve upgraded an Ansible and Teletype several times each from a Mac without any trouble. Just follow these directions and you should be fine. Edit: Only change to the Monome instructions is to use the file above, rather than the one on the instructions page.

I’ve updated my Teletype, Ansible, TXo’s, TXi’s, W/, Stillson Hammer, O_c, ER-301/101/102, and a bunch of others and nothing has ever been bricked. Jump in and simply follow the instructions like @ceedotgeedot pointed you to.

20chars of thank you!

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Once you have homebrew installed it’s a breeze. I just got a 2nd hand white whale and loaded orca on it last night

Just want to caution that in my experience Ansible (mine was bought new from monome mid last year) uses the at32uc3b0512 chip, which has more flash than the at32uc3b0256, and I believe this backup procedure did not back up the presets from flash unless I used the

dfu-programmer at32uc3b0512 read > firmware-backup.hex

command listed under the Teletype instructions. If you want to try out a new firmware and then go back to the saved Ansible presets you had, I think you might be unpleasantly surprised when using the at32uc3b0256 command.

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good catch!

@tehn - looks like this page needs to be updated for the above:

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should we merge earthsea into the main ansible branch? was there any functional compromise compared to master? (i apologize i haven’t kept up!)