Ansible Earthsea

This is possible, see here. It should also be possible to export presets from the 1.6.1 + Earthsea build.

OMG…amazing! Will check it.

UPDATE: can somebody interested in Earthsea documentation / knowledgeable about current functionality check my updated documentation pass which you can read here. (this is my own fork of the docs repo). I’ve added the Teletype documentation and also the notes on skip-to-playback-position, rests, and scales. I’ve not had a chance to update the illustrations because I’m on a trackpad (sat at a gate during delays) but that will happen in due course. But because I’ve not run this firmware on my ansible yet, I don’t know if I’ve described it correctly! But basically this is ready to go with a PR.

(It also includes some of my tidying of the Kria docs - I am hoping nothing will be lost in the ultimate PR, I think it’s all mainly stylistic consistency).


Unless I am missing something… The doc link you posted seems to be missing any mention of ansible earthsea.

Oh god I probably linked to the wrong branch because I have been on transport.

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That’s it! Found the changes in your aearthsea-docs branch.

Here is the link

Fixed in my original post

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thank you - looks good!

a couple of minor things: ### Clocking Earthsea is not showing as a header, and in the 2nd paragraph under Highlighting scales on the key map there is a space missing in createyour.

OK, both of these things are fixed. I wanted somebody to check I’d understood scales correctly as I tidied up the copy there a bit. There are still some illustrations to do - that might not happen for a bit - but I’m happy to open a PR for now with master?

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“Holding PATTERN SELECT, the right two columns will be illuminated in a 2x8 block.” -

the block to choose a scale for keymap is 8 columns wide and 2 rows high and it’s on the right side centered vertically, perhaps to say “a 2x8 block on the right” would be sufficient?

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OK, made a quick change to that paragraph:

Holding PATTERN SELECT, a 2x8 block will illuminate one the right. These are scale slots - the exact same scales available to Kria and Meadowphysics. Pressing one of these will highlight keys in the keymap that are within that scale. To turn scale highlighting off, press the currently selected scale key again. (Note that this does not affect the pitches each key represents - it just acts as an ‘overlay’ to highlight notes within a scale).

which is in my branch.


Alright, iiiiit’s pull request time:

sorry about lack of mergeability. @scanner_darkly, I updated the graphic of parameters page to include highlighted scale keys - you might want to check that.


thanks - looks good!

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Just started looking into this mode. Thanks for the great work - seems like this has some wonderful possibilities!

How do people tune oscillators when using Ansible Earthsea? My goal at the moment is to be a bit fluent in playing chords. Not having a lot of music theory background I find it a bit difficult to find the different “harmonic shapes”. I tried to tune to E to get something similar to guitar strings (until the B string), which was fun.

I should probably just practise and listen more and get familiar with chord intervals. It certainly is a wonderful tool for learning. :slight_smile:

I suppose I don’t have a great question, but wanted some interaction while figuring things out. If anyone has a nice approach/some advice, that would be great!

Edit: Holding “pattern select” I don’t see the 2x8 bar indicating the different scales to have them light up in the keybed, as described in the Ansible documentation. Would you recommend getting the ansible beta firmware for this, or should it be included in the “main” ansible firmware on now?


It appears that this revision (linked from the first post in this thread) does not have the scale highlighting feature. I would recommend getting a 2.0.0. beta from here since this is what the github documentation reflects.


Ok - thanks for this!

Hi. I loaded the Ansible 2.0 update, and the loader said the process completed. However, Earthsea doesn’t seem to be present. When I press the preset button, my grid (2013) only toggles between Kria and Meadowphysics. Did I miss something or do something wrong?

(Sorry if there’s information about this posted elsewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. If it exists, please point me to it.)


Did you download the firmware from here? Grid edition should not matter. The shell output from reflashing with dfu-programmer should be roughly as follows:

$ dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 erase
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x3FFFF...  Not blank at 0x2001.
Erasing flash...  Success
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x3FFFF...  Empty.

$ dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 flash ansible.hex --suppress-bootloader-mem
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x203FF...  Empty.
0%                            100%  Programming 0x1E400 bytes...
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]  Success
0%                            100%  Reading 0x3E000 bytes...
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]  Success
Validating...  Success
0x1E400 bytes written into 0x3E000 bytes memory (48.79%).

$ dfu-programmer at32uc3b0256 start
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Hello and thanks for your reply. I downloaded the firmware via the link on the monome site, which is slightly different than the link you provided, but looks to be the same place.

I followed the Mac instructions, which resulted in my previous Homebrew being updated to 2.1.10. I then ran the command ‘brew install dfu-programmer’, and then double-clicked the provided update-firmware.command file. The output looked similar to yours, and ended with [process completed]. I didn’t see any errors along the way with any of these steps.

I’ll try it again today using the manual dfu-programmer commands like in your output, and this time I won’t close the window before making sure it works!


Looks like I’ll have to pause this endeavor. The receptacle on the main power bus board that powers my Ansible broke. So I need to repair that before I can resume this firmware business. Sigh!

UPDATE: OK, all is well. I went through the firmware upgrade again, and read the Ansible manual more carefully this time. I suspect my earlier upgrade was just fine. The problem was that I wasn’t holding the Preset button long enough when trying to switch between apps. (cough…)