Ansible Earthsea


that part of code wasn’t touched at all, but possible that somehow a bug was introduced. are you able to try the official 1.6.1 release and see if the issue exists there as well? also, you need to have the midi controller connected before you turn it on as that’s how ansible determines which mode to run.


mmm thanks… i’m thinking maybe it’s because the novation always starts on Automap mode… perhaps it’s not recognized by ansible at power up…

in fact if i power it externally, exit automap and then power up ansible i now can see the white led. but still cycling thru all 16 midi channels no response. also: if i press the preset button the led goes off and it doesnt turn on after power cycle. i have to plug in the grid, power off, then power on again with the keyboard to have the white led back on. long press of the preset button doesn’t cycle thru the various modes either. i think this keyboard is not recognized by the module.


yeah, not sure - sorry, i don’t know much about the midi implementation. if you could try the official 1.6.1 version that would help isolate the issue.


thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


I did not know about this until now

what on earth? you are incredible @scanner_darkly !


this earthsea was a NEW THING until the NEW THING came out :slight_smile:
i guess earthsea is now the one app that exists in one form or another on ALL THINGS?


this is such amazing work. thank you for this. i just got an ansible and i cant wait to finally try earthsea. excuse me if this question has already been covered but i cannot seem to find a clear answer. does earthsea share the scales with kira / meadowphysics? is it possible to make it use those scales? and if not, how do the scales in earthsea work?


if i’m not mistaken ansible’s earthsea has only chromatic scale as of now.


As of the current version, the notes are laid out more or less like a guitar. There was some talk of scales earlier in this thread ( around post 144 ), but it doesn’t sound like it’s very high on the to do list.


yeah, i’ll likely just add a way to select a shared scale, editing scales would still be done in kria/mp.

while we’re on this topic, how would this work in practice? would each row shift by a certain number of notes within a scale, or transpose the whole scale by 4 semitones (or a different number of semitones)?


This seems odd to me. The only possibility I can imagine is perhaps that the scales could overlay and light up the grid to guide you, but the root note might not be clear. I don’t think it makes sense to lose the semitone/fourth layout.


Lighted keys overlayed on the current note scheme (guitar fretboard layout) is a good idea. Maybe the root note could be much brighter than those keys.

Otherwise, I think a set up with keys/notes outside the scale “forced” out (and several octaves across the keybed) would be best.


so, to reference how other isomorphic keyboards (eg Push) do custom scales: on Push, each row goes up in fourths still, but rather than each pad being a semitone, each pad is a step in the scale. Ie: seven pads horizontally for the seven steps of the scale before the octave comes around, upwards in fourths. If the scale is less than seven notes - blues, pentatonic - octaves come more often.

Push indicates octaves with highlighted blue pads for octaves, and highlights the current notes in green - across all rows, ie, if you push a note in row 2 that is also in row 1 and 3, it will light in both of those.

Anyhow: isomorphic layouts with non-chromatic scales work really well, although the small key size on a grid makes the chromatic layout much more playable than on a Push.


I personally find the perfect Fourth layout being the easiest to interface with, especially with poly functionality implemented, Root notes lit up brighter


imo I am fine with or without scales, as the layout is very playable as is. I would, however, love key mapping. :slight_smile:



i am on linux 64 and i built the dfu programmer
i am a little confused because i WANt the earthsea stuff but this thread is huge and i woudl be appreciative for an updated link that had latest 1.6 ansible AND earthsea?



here it is:

it’s based on the official 1.6.0 release, not the latest 1.6.1. i can rebase and post a new version but iirc there are more changes expected to be merged to master?


Thank you
Worked like a charm after of course i found the USB cable :slight_smile:


I just tried out this firmware variation and had quite a bit of fun. Awsome work!

I wondered if it would be possible to have a round robin voice allocation mode too, to be able to play single note melodies with overlapping note releases (e.g. bell like tones or plucked strings)? With the ER-301 or the TXo the grid could become some kind of glockenspiel then.

Also you probably already realized it - playing with linearization and direction changes at some point suddenly increases the speed of one of the directions.


Another bug I just found - a bit hard to descirbe:

When I switch off at least the first playing voice in the voice allocation setting I het stuck notes on certain buttons. Everytime I change the voice allocation (switching on ore more playing voices on/off) on another button or two but within a certain voice allocation setting every time, and always on the same button.