Ansible Earthsea


Ansible it is for me than :slight_smile:


@scanner_darkly I’ve been using your version of Earthsea pretty heavily - and it’s really opened up the modular in a lot of ways. I want to thank you for your work on it.


+1 20 characters of THANK YOU FOR YER AWSUM JOB ON ansible earthsea! my liveset has reached the next level with er-301, fh-1, ansible (earthsea) + grid


I wanted to ask if there is a slight chance the midi functionality of Ansible will ever recieve some kind of clever code changes that would allow for a few slimmed down functions that are usually only accessible via the monome hardware modes.
I am thinking about very simple sequencing duties like note/melody loop for example. Not sure what else exactly…

I dont have my hopes up, but figured i would ask.
On the edge of getting one, but feels quite idiotic on the other hand for midi only use.


do you mean making earthsea work with midi or something else?


Well that would be sick and much more i d ask and probably not in the sense of monome?
I meant more like slimmed down versions that could work from a keyboard…thats why i gave the example of earthseas play notes in and loop style of sequencing. It would be amazing for a more keys wierd player like me. I kinda loose myself in the complexity of the modes with grid when reading them on the monome page. And i would try to use it like a keyboard, so my thinking is, why not use your keyboard :smiley:

Or „simple“ lfos per cv out would be a great help too when one wouldnt use all 4 channels for voices


so you mean like a simpler version of ansible where ansible apps are made to work with midi keyboard/controllers? that would be a cool feature, but would require writing a new firmware.


I see. Well only one such feature like mentioned ES note sequencing/looping would allready be amazing and double the value of this module for me.
I dont know if i ever will get a grid, thats where these thoughts come from.
Trying to find reasons to get ansible over sth like fh1. Wondering if this module makes sense at all w/o going full ecosystem. Maybe via ios apps/midi. But i totaly understand its not the idea behind the module and could only be a „little“ bonus

Or just adding any functionality to the midi voice mode that you think fit even. Just wondering if that part is gonna grow stil or always rather a side product of ansible. But yes of the apps, earthsea is what fascinates me 90%


sounds like norns might be a better fit for you - it has its own earthsea implementation and there is work being done already to have it work with midi.


Didnt know norns covers that too. No real plans to go there yet but will absolutely go for crow…different topic i guess and who knows…

So not a real chance for messing with the midi capabilities i suppose in ansible? But thanks for answering my questions.


not planning on adding midi capabilities to ansible earthsea, sorry.


So i finaly made the step. Trying to find out if you allready had a chance to bundle your port with the official 1.6.1 on monome?
Maybe i missed it. And thanks a million times for all the work and to help making ansible such a swifty knife.

Offtopic, didnt find the power draw of a 128 on monome page and wanted to find out if my row power 30 will handle the draw just fine when i get a grid one day.


re: power - row 30 should be sufficient for powering grid only if you use ansible (depending on how much power other modules draw, of course). it will NOT be sufficient to power grid if you use earthsea/meadowphysics/white whale. row 30 provides 0.5A on +5. the trilogy modules with grid connected might need up to 0.6A, so it already exceeds what row 30 can provide (and you always want to leave some healthy headroom instead of maxing out your power supply). row 40 should provide sufficient power (again, depending on what other modules you have).


Afaik we did not discuss the possibility to use a old type grid 64 with the earthsea port of Ansible. I read contradict statements about the topic (in general, not ES) so i am just trying to find out if that will work, be powered by Ansible and just be without runes as were mentioned.

We did discuss (at least from my part) if the midi modes could be further developed. I never meant ES to Midi. And i dont know if old grids are basicaly midi while new ones arent


there is nothing module specific about which grids work with which modules - if it works with one module it’ll work with others. specific firmwares or ansible apps will work with 64 but might be not very usable - specific answers will differ for each app as it’s all very UI dependent. @zebra provided some details here.

grids are not midi devices. they use their own protocol (which is different for older grids, but again, the library used by eurorack monome modules will support most models).


Ok i think i get it. An example of „not very usable“ would be that patterns are located in the middle of a 16 pads long grid and would only be partial present on a 8 pad grid. Stuff like that?

Or i get the „perfom pattern“ part wrong in the image documentation. When looking at the official erathsea video it rather feels like i would simply be limited to a 8 step length and loose all the functions that are in the 2nd half of the grid. Not sure if it would be a functional 8 pattern instrument however.


yes, basically anything located in the right half of grid 128 will not be accessible. you can check specific functions here: and here: Ansible Earthsea

i’m not sure what do you mean by “steps”? you can have up to 128 events per sequence in ansible earthsea. an event is either a “note on” or a “note off”. for chords you have to count each note, so if you use 4 note chords you can have a sequence of up to 16 steps.


I suppose i meant 8 patterns instead of 16.
Very useful links and info! Thank you


you can still access all 16 patterns on grid 64, pattern selection is in the left half. ansible earthsea supports 8 presets, each with 16 patterns.


20 char of Thanks so much!