Ansible Earthsea


Got few more questions. Hopefully thats allrite

I know clocking earthsea was added. But could the unclocked, live looped patterns (earthssea sequence) somehow be used as the clock for the rest of the rack? I dont think so but better ask:)

Oh and wondering if key mapping is present?
But i have the chance to try it all out soon.

Is transposing always connected to arp use or can a pattern or a whole sequence be transposed by the left menue button without entering any apreggiation?

Finally on 8x8 the play surface is 7x8 right? Or less?

One more:)
I assume the first 2 runes work with 8x8?



Hi I’ve just noticed that if i press same note twice , the second time is not working… I have to alternate notes…:confused:


It wouldn’t be anyway regular, but you could I suppose use the edge out. How well that would work would depend on what you were using the “clock” for.


Odd. Is that in all Edge modes?


You’re not using rings as a voice are you? Cos if so - you’ll need to trigger it with strum as well. I just suggest this as I’ve been using earthansible a lot and haven’t seen this problem at all.


How successful have ya’ll been using a-earthsea for LFO duties?


you have 2 options - if you route all voices to only one CV/gate output pair then you can use that gate out as the clock. this would obviously limit you to only one CV output. if you still want to have multiple voices then you will need an external gate combiner (logic OR) module to combine multiple gate outputs.

this version currently does not support key mapping.

7x8 since the left column is used for control buttons.

whichever runes are visible on 8x8 grid, even if partially, will work


Just asking here too to make sure.
There is no chance the bundled firmware with this port messes with midi recognition right?
Having an issue that ansible wont „see“ my midi keyboard (other topic) thats why i am asking.


i would doubt that very much, but if you want to rule that out you could try one of the official releases and see if that makes a difference.


I’m pretty sure you can’t repeatedly trigger the same note with any situation on earthseansible (or earthsea for that matter) when just playing it like a keyboard (without arp and loop enabled). Would be nice if you could though…


hmm that should most definitely work. so if you press a note, release, then press it again it doesn’t register the 2nd press?


my bad sorry :slight_smile:


never mind all good now :slight_smile:


must have had my vca set incorrectly, because it works now. sorry for the confusion…


Just installed this last night and it’s awesome! I know there had been talk of Teletype integration, would it be possible to access the CV values via i2c? I remember seeing KR.CV to do this with Kria, not sure what that entails though. It would be awesome to be able to use this to play chords with Just Type though. The only other way I could think of doing that would be to use a TELEXi.


yep, the next version (whenever that happens) will include i2c ops.


I also want to express my deepest thanks to you once again.
I recieved the 64 grid today and being ill and just back from a nighshift i was for the first hour or two nothing but frustrated… but i got over that point and start to understand it more and more. Recording my playing as sequence is such a freedom really. To me this is the one big Monome app for a grid that makes most sense to me, the only one i easily understand and the first sequencer that doesnt get in my way.

You basically made it possible for me to enter Monome and thats not overstated. I wouldn’t have gone for trilogy bco powering and wouldn’t have gone for new arc/grid bco cash. I think for a 64, Earthsea is the most functional app of the ansible bunch and thats only possible bco you
Thanks so much!!!

Hopefully i can contribute a littl video tease of 64 rocking with AE in a while.


Great to see it all worked out :smiley:


Finally got an Ansible, and this certainly confirmed I want an Earthsea as well one day. :blush:

So happy to have access to this. Really inspirational. Wonderful work @scanner_darkly!

One possible suggestion: When the sequencer is playing, is it possible to secure voice usage? Because it would be SUPER nice to be able to input a sequence and then play on top it without fighting with the voice priority.


@grey You can do this. Record a sequence and then turn off the ‘live’ voice allocation for that Track. Then the sequence will play without having notes stolen. At least thats what I think youre talking about.

Installed Earthsea Ansible today and its been amazing for me. I transitioned from guitar to synths but never really got great at playing keys naturally. Ive used a grid layout on a Push but the larger pads never felt comfortable. Grid and Earthsea is perfect! Lost the whole day with it

One bug to report: If a sequence is playing on one track, and youre playing live on another and play the same note live as currently in the sequence the note will ‘stick’ until you play another. Gate held high and LED stays on until you play another note


I am not sure if one thing i noticed is note steal depending too.
I didnt try any poly voice tricks yet, but when playing a mono melody i have to play very very short presed and not too fast or i will have missed notes. A bit like ES is expecting a certain timing for the input. Fast variations are rather hard to do because if the timing between 2 notes isnt good/long enough it wont play the 2nd note.
Is that the nature of the beast with the grid concept and its quantized output? I can adjust. But dont wanna miss if thers a way around

Uhm. I watched the chart a few times, but for a total monome grid newb, how can i make a few first test with multi voice/poly?