Ansible - Firmware Update Procedure on Windows


working on a PC, following this guide.

When I try to run dfu-programmer.exe I get a “libusb0.dll” was not found error. If I move dfu-programmer.exe to the amd64 file (which contains a libusb0.dll file, and is appropriate to my system architecture), I get an error 0xc000007b.

Skipping ahead despite these glaring issues, my computer recognizes ansible, but claims that the ‘best drivers’ are already installed when I try to direct it to the dfu directory to update drivers. Furthermore, running any of the command line prompts listed at the end of the guide gives me an error. I’m assuming this is a problem on my end stemming from issues with dfu, which I downloaded from this link.

In case it’s relevant: running Windows 10 Home, version 10.0.18362

Thanks in advance for any help – feelin’ all bone-headed.

I had the same problem when I moved to a new computer and tried the same thing as you. Turns out the solution was much simpler: I had neglected to install the driver as directed.

Are you referring to this part? “There should be a new category: Atmel USB Devices (you might need to select view > show hidden devices ) with AT32UC3B device. If there is a warning icon next to it you need to update the driver – right click and select Update Driver Software , then Browse my computer for driver software . navigate to the folder where you installed dfu-programmer. it should find a new driver there; install it. if everything installs okay, the warning icon next to the device should disappear.”

At this stage I get a ‘the best drivers are already installed.’

Hm, you may need to uninstall the current driver and try to manually install as instructed.

Get this “failure code” from windows 0xc000007b. Already tried some repair software without sucess. Anyone who also confrontated with this issue?

Yeah, read up-thread. I had that issue and had to reinstall the drivers. Make sure you’re logged in as admin.

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I´ve deinstalled the driver and it seems that I even didn´t had to reinstall it manually again. Now it works! Thanks!

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