ansible firmware updates

ansible 3.1.2

instructions and update link

  • FIX kria out-of-bounds access on pattern + prob page @csboling
  • FIX kria metapattern out of bounds and levels ii @csboling
  • NEW 256 grid support for kria and earthsea @Dewb
  • FIX add a bootup delay when in leader mode @scanner_darkly
  • FIX usb presets: fix reading of split numbers @csboling

20 char of thanks all!

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Thanks for the update ! Just a heads up : I got confused because the update reverted my settings to synchronized loop sync. A quick look at kria | monome/docs did the trick, as it’s not a setting I often change.

edit : I was also wondering if it could be possible to check the firmware version of Ansible or other modules like White Whale, etc. with a Teletype command, provided the modules are on the same i2c bus. It could be useful to do a quick check or for troubleshooting. Just an idea.

Just got around to updating my 2 Ansibles. Thanks to everyone ever who has contributed to this tight little module.

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I think that I’ve updated it with v3.1.2, but when I check FW using USB method but it showed

It doesn’t seem to be v3.1.2 :no_mouth:

Any idea?

The update process seemed to be ok:
admin@Mac ~ % /Users/admin/Downloads/ansible/update-firmware.command ; exit;
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x7FFFF… Not blank at 0x2001.
Erasing flash… Success
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x7FFFF… Empty.
Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x21DFF… Empty.
0% 100% Programming 0x1FE00 bytes…
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>] Success
0% 100% Reading 0x7E000 bytes…
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>] Success
Validating… Success
0x1FE00 bytes written into 0x7E000 bytes memory (25.30%).

Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed]

yo, had some issues with the current ii implementation in regards to crow and w/syn.
made a post over here about the issues i’m having but i think this is the more relevant thread to post some of my findings in.

  • crow’s ii as two CV/Gate pairs is not working at all, outputting no signals
  • w/syn’s ii communication gets bricked if you try to swap modes without disabling w/syn in the ii menu first, requiring a full power cycle to re-enable
    • this includes unplugging grid and plugging in a generic midi device
    • as a result/example, if i want to use midi to play w/syn polyphonically, i have to load up kria on a grid, enable ii for w/syn, unplug grid and plug in a midi keyboard, then full power cycle the case with the midi still plugged in, and then i can play it. sometimes re-bricks itself if i try to swap between midi modes.
  • crow’s operating mode menu doesn’t seem to exist? no buttons are lit up in the top right, even though the docs suggest that it has multiple modes.

if i had to hazard a guess, i’d probably say that there’s some issue that cropped up with resetting ii followers on mode changes when the crow or w/syn implementation was added. if i was any better at programming, I’d try helping out myself, but alas, i am not :pensive: