Ansible for JUST midi/cv conversion

Actually thinking about it, you wouldn’t need an Expert Sleepers module, just something that does MIDI-to-CV conversion. There are a lot of modules that do that.

So, in sum:

  1. MIDI into computer running PD. Computer screen can be off :slight_smile:
  2. PD does whatever you want it to do, and outputs MIDI.
  3. MIDI goes to whatever MIDI-to-CV module you have at hand, and drives your CV-speaking modular.

„At the moment „ thats the point. Never asked for it, just showing interest in a sidechain development of ansible midi when one of the devs touches it again.

Iam fine with learning to play Just Friends and loop/resample in audio for my early journy and ansible is on its way;)

I made a custum case with a power bank to be free of any outlets and screens. Happy about trigger box tho, but thats offtopic

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Dont have midi cv yet. Ansible just ticks many boxes as we probably all agree

Cool! Just trying to give you options to help yourself. Waiting for an open source developer to do something for you can be a frustrating experience :slight_smile: It might be more rewarding or at least faster to learn to do it for yourself.

PureData can run on a Raspberry Pi, so it could be made very portable and off-grid, and screen-less. Again, I’m only suggesting this because of the lower barrier to entry, compared to firmware dev. might be another option for setting up something custom, and could be wrapped up in an Axo Control.

I have not done any of these things…they just seem reasonably possible.

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Might be worth looking at the Bela/Rebeltech Salt.

I just recieved Ansible with latest firmware including Earthsea and facing a problem with midi.

At first i tried powering my midi keyboard via Ansible but it wouldnt turn on. So i then tried to power the usb midi keyboard (icon nano demands 12v 100ma) via usb to ipad, works fine powered from ipad usb. I have now powered the keyboard with a wallplug, it powers just fine but inserted to ansible STILL nothing. No mode light up, no reaction.

Whats up with that? I wanted to power it from ansible but it not even being recognized when powered by itself is making me quite confused.

Also i noticed that, when i patch a cable from cv out of ansible to Just Friends v8 in, the pitch gets a little drift to higher. Not sure if that’s supposed to be?

For whatever reason when ansible recieves power TR2 is orange lid and stays lid.

those solder joints are absolutely fine (by which I mean: entirely within normal parameters of functional solder joints.)


Ok. I honetly just didnt know. Have no knowledg of pcb soldering.
I obviously also rather meant the stuff around the joints and the black stuff. But what do i know.

So if this isnt connected to my issue i have no idea whats up

If you think that something is wrong with your Ansible, I would suggest reaching out to

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Just did so and got speed reply.

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Just for reference i still have no idea whats up. Anybody has some ideas what could be up, what to test etc?

Nothing happens when plugging in a powered usb midi keyboard.

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Are you certain that the power cable is correctly oriented? Red stripe to -12v on both case and module?

Yep sure. Seems backward protected too.

Just tried my QuNexus with 3 ansibles, and the behavior is the same for all. Plug in the keyboard and the mode led turns orange, and I seem to be in “Allocation style 1: POLY”.

If this isn’t the case with you, I would assume that something is up and follow up with monome. Sorry I can’t be more help!


Looks like. Mode led stays off. According to docs should be white tho?

Thanks for checking. I would understand if the usb keyboard just wont get powered. But being powered externaly and still not recognized is pretty confusing

Dumb question: does your Midi keyboard have a built-in hub? (My Korg Microkey 37 does, and as a result, it doesn’t work with Ansible).

Interesting . Is that a common thing? Would it it be visible by for example more than one usb jack?
But since its the big (b?) usb plug i dont think so

yeah, I didn’t think so either. always worth asking, though.

Could you post a link to the specific keyboard you have? I quickly tried to search for “icon nano” but wasn’t sure I found the right one. The biggest thing to confirm first is that the keyboard is USB device class compliant (ie it doesn’t require drivers). Hopefully I glean more from looking at the specs of the keyboard.

Thanks for chiming in

„Class-compliant with Windows 7, 8 & 10 (32-bit & 64-bit), Mac OS X (IntelMac) and iOS“

And theorange lid TR 2 led is normal?
It seems sometimes weak lid sometimes full. Could of course be connected to some mode app since it doesnt go into midi

Just mentioning that i removed its shell and detached the mod/pitch wheels. Its ofc fully functional anyway as tested with the ipad.
I dont think any device would depend on mod wheels to recognize a midi controller? Cant imagine but cant test today