Ansible: Grid/Arc become unresponsive after period of time

Freshly purchased Grid and Ansible, external clock from 4ms QCD - been running great for a while, but today, I switched the clocking rate from the QCD, and the grid became unresponsive. Unplug, re-plug of grid does the trick.

please try to reproduce it with 1.5.0 as i spent quite a bit of time working out USB hotswapping, as a separate issue a couple months ago. thanks!

new test version (danger, flashing your firmware erases your presets): (79.4 KB)

update command included.

i’ve been running this for quite some time clocked externally at a high rate (TT digital outputs at 10-25ms)


Thanks, @tehn. I’m testing now.

Can anyone confirm that white LED #4 is not functioning properly? I’m outputting the same CV on all channels, but #4’s LED isn’t following the voltages that I’m measuring coming out of the corresponding jack.

EDIT: The LED isn’t lighting at all, even at max voltage.

Ansible ran all night clocked via Pam’s New with Grid attached and the freezing/unresponsive issues appear to be gone!

Thank you, @tehn!

The LED issue, however, is still present. Later today I will load the firmware on to my second Ansible and report back.

I am running 1.5.1 and am not having the led issue you are experiencing.

I updated the firmware on my second Ansible to 1.5.1.b01 and LED #4 functions properly. All appears to be great with this new firmware update. Thank you again for making the fix so quickly.

I took a look at the PCB on my first Ansible with the LED issue and see that white LED #4 itself is actually missing. I had previously only used this Ansible with Grid, and often stayed low in octaves, so I hadn’t noticed that it didn’t work. But when I tested with Arc, it was immediately noticeable.

Here’s a closeup photo:

@tehn, should we PM/email about this?

yes e-mail i can replace your module right away.

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Possibly found another bug in Ansible, this time with MIDI/Voice. I have an OP-1 connected to Ansible and if I power off the OP-1 for a yet-to-be-determined amount of time, and then power back on Ansible stops responding to MIDI input. Nothing is patched into Ansible’s inputs. Only Gate & CV output 1 are being used in Mono mode. Power cycling fixes it.

I’ll continue to pay attention to the details of power off/on duration to see what I notice.

@tehn has the latest code been submitted to github? i’m hoping to start beta testing i2c related teletype/libavr32 fixes soon and want to make sure i use the latest official code.

yes my repo is current. i think the only thing updated was the libavr32

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To confirm the outcome here:

@tehn’s most recent update, 1.5.1.b01, had a solution. Is this now the recommended firmware to be using with Ansible if you have and use both the most recent Arc and Grid?


i would like to hear from folks about this as well. i had a lockup the other night and couldn’t save my kria composition. ready to upgrade if this is the way to go.

FWIW, @shellfritsch, this patch has solved the aforementioned freeze issue (for me).

I’m currently having some issues with Ansible and the OP-1 (also when swapping between OP-1 and Grid), but the details leading up to the bug are pretty elusive. All I can tell so far is that it occurs whenever the OP-1 is shut down while still plugged in.

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good to know - i’ll check it out. also see if i can get it to play nice with my op-1. what sort of bug are you experiencing? a lock up?

Yep: unresponsive to MIDI input from OP-1 after power off.

just to be clear, if you disconnect the USB cable before powering down the op-1 and then reconnect everything will be fine, yeah?

So far I think this is correct. However, I did run into an issue swapping between OP-1 & Grid, but truthfully, I may have powered down the OP-1 before swapping. I’ll test more when I get the chance, but for now, it’s safest to say that it only happens when powering down the OP-1 while connected.

Good to know this patch solved grid / arc issues. Will install And report back

I think I may have just found another related bug while jamming out preparing for tomorrow’s Catskills jammies:

When externally clocking Ansible Kria, if I stop the clock I cannot enter preset mode. If I start the clock, or unpatch the clock, the preset button functions as expected.

Looking forward to tomorrow :wink: