Ansible & grid / power issues?

Hi there, got the high pitched noise issue with my grid + ansible system. Just did the red wire cut from cable splitter action and it did not reduce the noise at all on my intellijel case. Any ideas what to do next? I’ve ordered offworld which hasn’t arrived yet, but if the USB splitter cable to power does nothing, then offworld won’t either? Someone mentioned cheater plug, never heard of those things - is there some equivalent of those for EU area?

If you’re using the splitter, but still powering the monome through the intellijel case (via the 1u USB module), then you will still hear interference/noise. You must power the monome (with the splitter) externally in my experience. Use a 5v apple iphone plug with USB insert or similar and plug it in a wall outlet. Hope that helps…

thanks, i’m feeding the extra power via apple plug… maybe i will try a separate usb power bank, just need to get one.

wow, the noise is there just as soon as i plug the grid to ansible. seems like the noise comes from the intellijel power supply as soon as grid is plugged in.

The high pitched noise doesn’t actually seem to leak to the sound, but it’s emanating from the grid and power supply. So this is not so serious, can live with that.

That’s how mine is! I think we’re somehow hearing the LEDs. For me even with every LED full blast it’s never loud enough to be truly annoying, thankfully.


extra photos …. of Y splitter cut! - before

and after - system wouldn’t take 2 photos ….

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Out of curiosity, for those that are getting grid noise: are you using powered studio monitors when you notice the whine? I was getting this when using my ansible but I’m also getting it powering grid through teletype. I’ve got studio monitors plugged into the same power strip as my case. Monitors come out of a Befaco output module. When I unplug the monitors and only listen via the headphone out on the Befaco, the whine is gone. Could alternative solutions involve isolating speakers rather than the grid (aren’t there isolating power strips?)

I’m dealing with this now as well. Intellijel 7U case, and the noise starts when Grid is plugged into Ansible - but the weird thing is that I only hear it (or notice, at least), through Magneto! Most noticeably when the wet signal is turned up.

@clark.gable @srogers91 both of your output modules use balanced outs; are you using balanced cables to send your output to your monitors? A few months ago I had some noise issues sending my synth’s output (Ansible/Grid combo used) to my monitors that was solved as by using balanced cables. Not sure if the noise I faced was caused from Ansible/Grid but it’s worth a shot if you’re not using them.

Has anyone else struggled with connectivity issues when using Offworld-type power solutions with Grid 128 (2016+) and Ansible? My connection sometimes drops out, or fails to connect at boot, leaving the Grid powered but unresponsive (can tell it’s powered from the boot-up animation). This requires a reboot of my system but not necessarily the Grid.

I’m wondering if this is a side effect of reverse-powering the Ansible last year…

Ah yeah, read your previous post and meant to address that too. My final output module is a Panmix and the noise comes through even with the headphone out.

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I’ve just started, this evening, having what sounds like a similar issue with my Ansible/Grid combo. Having had them for about a year and a half, with no issues, I powered up my system and noticed a high pitched whining noise coming from all the audio outputs, indeed all the outputs it seems, in the case the Ansible is in. This only happens when the Grid is attached and seems proportional in volume to the number of lights on. Nothing has changed since the last power up.

I have four Doepfer LC cases, all of which are connected to a power conditioner. I’m going to try moving the Ansible to different case.

Are there any other recommended solutions to this? I’ve just rebuilt/reconfigured my studio to be as uncluttered as possible and I really don’t want to be getting an extraneous power supply and leads on display (and potentially DIYing something I don’t understand) to solve this.

Get one of these cables and a USB power supply, ideally 1A or so, like a phone charger you most likely have several of lying around.

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Thank you - I will give that a try.

any luck finding something that works in the UK?

ciao! did this work for you?

yes, i used it for several month till i upgraded my power distribution

which color wire did you cut from the data+ power male USB cable ?

thanks !;_)