Ansible & grid / power issues?

The beatstep pro ground loop adapter is all usb c so there would be some cable adapters involved here.

did they post anything about the actual internal functionality of these cables?

i haven’t seen anything that specific.
all i have to go off of are multiple accounts of “it works” and this from the bsp manual:

Something to consider : Ground loops
A ground loop is an unwanted current in a conductor connecting two points. The result is
noise in your audio signal, usually in the form of a low-frequency hum. In setups
including computers, interfaces and audio devices, it’s possible to end up with an
annoying ground loop. We have provided you with a solution, however: the anti ground
loop adapter.

When should I use the anti ground loop adapter?

In most cases you will not need the anti ground loop adapter.

If you don’t have a ground loop problem in your setup, simply connect the BeatStep
Pro with the supplied USB cable to a computer or a USB power supply.
You should use the included anti ground loop adapter if you experience background
noise in your speakers that disappears when you disconnect the audio interface from
your computer or the CV/Gate connections to your analog gear. A ground loop can also
cause problems with pitch tracking when using the BeatStep Pro CV connections with
analog synthesizers.

just found this:

good find.

so they dropped mad $$$$ to make a plastic molded version of the “offworld” pcb essentially. would be great if they sold this bit separately.


So with this connector I can power my grid or arc externally?
I just got a beat step pro in the post yesterday, and i have been suffering a bit from noise when plugging in my arc, but can i just plug my cable from ansible to “pc”. And then power to pwer (of course…), and my arc or grid, through an adapter, to the male end of the beatstep pro cable? This would be the way to go right?
I have an adapter coming, I will be able to try it monday or tuesday and see if it works.

It’s micro usb-b, not usb-c, but yes adapters is needed

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I tried one of these splitters that i bought on ebay “USB 2.0 Female to 2 Dual USB Male Power Adapter Y Splitter Cable Cord Connector”. It reduced the buzzing by 70-80%. I guess it’s still drawing a small amount of power from the rack. Maybe a “data only” usb cable to connect between ansible and grid will cut out the remaining power draw.


A data only usb cable (red wire cut) going into ansible did the trick with the usb splitter. No more buzz/whine! $6 all up.


woah! can you briefly explain? Y plug – one to power (iphone charger-like?), one to ansible, then another cable to monome which you opened and clipped the red wire?

good research! very cool to hear that it’s working!

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Yeah that’s exactly right…The red wire is the +5V.

cutting the wire…

hope this helps someone along the way


I’m using an old Nexus 5 charger which is rated 1.2A but any 5V mobile charger would do. The grid doesn’t use much. I’ve seen reference to 0.6A max with all lights on.

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nice! this is the same concept as switch, ext5v, and offworld. works.


always cut the red wire!

(this is great, i love these kinds of fixes)


Seeing this I wonder if it would be as easy to DIY or modify the existing switch to work with three modules and one grid.

Is it just on more USB output and DP3T switch?

yes indeed yes

easy diy

or a switch for 2 devices and one module! say, to switch ansible between arc/grid. hoping somebody can make this happen…

i have an ext5v and it doesn’t remove any noise when grid is connected. would cutting the red wire in my usb cable going to ansible from the ext5v effectively do what was posted above and get rid of the noise? also going to get some ground lifts today and see if that does the trick.


the red wire in the usb cable isn’t connected to anything-- the ext5v’s purpose is to leave it unconnected and get power from the supply instead.

yes, try a ground lift on your modular’s power supply. what power supply are you using?

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as a recap
1 - find a Y splitter DATA-POWER
2 - cut the red wire
3 - enjoy


if is that simple you are my solution to the 1010bitbox maxing power problem!!!

i’ll try

thanks so much guy!!!
best forum ever!!!