Ansible: help and issues

yes that’s it thank you very much, trying to learn kria with a non varibright grid has been proving to be somewhat difficult

What am I doing wrong. … when using alternate notes with a set scale, I still get sour notes every once in a while when the stars align.

I just got my ansible and grid and I am trying to access Earthsea, but I am only able to get Kria (orange) and Meadowphysics (white). No “whitish-orange” for Earthsea. Do I need to add it via firmware update? Literally just arrived in the mail today…

Figured it out, had to load this firmware: Ansible Earthsea

The firmware that came with the module did not seem to have this mode?

If I recall, the note is an interval added to to original note, so it’s easy to go away from the original key.

The docs a bit prematurely describe Earthsea and a couple other features for the 2.0.0 release, which should be released soon (pending me fixing some critical bugs). You can try a beta from here if you want to check out the latest changes. Sorry for the confusion.

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Thanks for the reply! I am enjoying Earthsea on the 1.6.1 and looking forward to the new release.

Hope this is OK to ask here.

I am trying to update the firmware on my Ansible. I did this:

use homebrew to install dfu-programmer. go to the homebrew page and scroll down to “Install Homebrew” where you’ll paste a line of text into Terminal.

After doing that, the Terminal said Password: and had an image of a key. I had no idea what to do with that, so I quit Terminal.

I also downloaded theansible-2.0.0 file from GitHub and placed it in a folder I will remember.

However, when I typed “brew install dfu-programmer” in Terminal, I got a message that said:

-bash: brew: command not found

any suggestions? I am not an experienced Terminal user…


start over, and this time when you install homebrew, type in your system password and press enter. the rest should work thereafter.

Thanks, I’ll try it!

This time, more installed, the last line reads:

Installing Command Line Tools (macOS High Sierra version 10.13) for Xcode

It didn’t do anything after that, and when I entered “brew install fu-programmer” nothing happened.


wait more is happening now, installing home-brew


The update instructions say:

connect the USB A-A cable to your computer and the module. on the module, hold down the front panel button while powering up to launch the bootloader. the leds may be lit or not; don’t worry.

There are 3 buttons on the front panel, which is the one to hold down while powering up?


I think it’s the one on the bottom right.

Thanks, but I’m hoping that @tehn can provide the definitive answer… I’d hate to inflict some damage on it by doing something ignorant…

Sure…on the original trilogy (Earthsea, Meadowphysics, White Whale) and Teletype, there’s 1 button (the one next to the USB port) , so I think that’s most likely when the docs on firmware updates were written.

correct, button next to the USB port.

if it doesn’t detect, power cycle your modular with the USB cable in

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Thanks to advice from tehn, I was able to successfully update my Ansible firmware.

When I launched Kria, it seemed to be playing a random note order. Is that supposed to happen?

I assume it’s drunk mode or something, but it was definitely confusing!


That’s very odd on first power-up after updating. The default pattern (loop length of 6) should be unchanged from previous versions of Kria. Is the step order actually set to random for all tracks? This is on the scale page (second key from bottom right). On that page from the top left you should see the following columns in the top half of the Grid, moving left to right:

  • Two columns of 4 lit keys (Teletype clock enables and trigger clocking enables per track)
  • Column of 4 unlit keys
  • Column of 4 lit keys (Forward mode selected for all tracks)
  • Four columns of 4 dimly lit keys (other step modes: reverse, triangle, drunk, random).
  • The rest of the top half of the grid is part of the same scale programming UI from previous versions.

If these are not the defaults and Kria functions normally when you change all tracks back to Forward, then I’m very confused. This is right when you power on after updating and plug a Grid in?

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It’s got 4 rows of 6 but when I start it playing the sequence wasn’t running in a 1-2-3-4-5-6 order. Which it used to before the upgrade.

Now it’s more like 4-1-6-3-5-2 although that’s just an approximation from memory… I need to finish grading final papers and hopefully I can get back to it tonight.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m still so new to using it that I’ve never made it to the point of figuring out the scale page… I must do that !


So for whatever reason it’s working normally now, although all I did was let it sleep overnight in a powered down state… hmmm…

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My ansible arrived without the usb cable (the importer chose to keep it for himself I guess). I see in the firmware page that Ansible 2.0 came out on July 7 and I purchased mine on July 4. Does this mean that mine shipped with 2.0? Changing programs takes me from Kria (orange) to Meadow Physics (white) to a third light orange option. According to what I read in the docs that should be Earthsea, so I guess it is 2.0. Am I right or is this not sufficient to know?

Secondly. When in a given parameter I press and hold Loop and choose a new loop duration by pressing the beginning and end steps, the new loop duration is applied to all parameters instead to just the parameter I’m on. I went through the docs a few times already and I guess I’m missing something, but I understand that only the loop for the current parameter should change. If I’m wrong please tell me and I’ll go over the docs in the morning cause I’m going crazy! :woozy_face: