Ansible issue

Hey Monomers

I have 2 Ansibles and one has an orange LED stuck on (even after power down and up again) - tried reloading the firmware and its not recognized (tested with my other ansible - all good)

So any ideas???

Could the button to the right of the usb be stuck down?

in my panic i wasnt terribly specific - sorry about that!

Its the TR2 LED

Double check the power cable connections?

yeah i have 2 so i can 100% troubleshoot…i there a “hard reset” somewhere???

flashing the firmware is a hard reset.

did you try connecting the programmer cable, and then power-cycling the case with the button held down?

of course :slight_smile: I really tried everything before posting

So to re-iterate - One of my ansibles has the orange led permanently on and is unresponsive to grid/op-1
I tried updating the firmware and it wasnt recognized and threw up the “DFU cannot recogonise a target, escaping” - paraphrasing there :slight_smile:
Tried different cables…and here i am

and when did this ansible stop working? while trying to update the firmware?

No it was in my spare draw with my other modules (I have a static free lined draw) and i went to use the op-1 with my grid and thats when i noticed…and when i began troubleshooting

try swapping the top circuit from the working ansible, attach the bottom circuit from the not-working ansible. try flashing.

shall do - ill report back, thank you

Interesting - so i swapped them around and the fault followed one of the main board - one flashed FW fine - the other threw up the old “dfu-programmer: no device present.” - so faulty board?

so thats what i tried - just to be clear.

indeed, something happened. likely a power issue, cracked fuse or something. send it in.

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