Ansible + just friends - How can I patch ansible to just friends in order to fully gate JF output?

Hello Lines, I have a very simple + straightforward question:

While using kria via ansible, I’ve patched my CV output into Just Friends’ PITCH/TIME to make notes. All is well.

I’m encountering some minor confusion however in how to properly patch my ansible’s gate into Just Friends, in order to produce an effect where whenever a note is ‘not actively being triggered’ in kria, no sound is produced (the envelope is fully gated).

Does anyone have insight into how to properly patch ansible’s gate to just friends, in order to ensure rests between notes are kept intact?

I’m under the impression that kria’s gating controls via grid are also a path towards ensuring my rests are in fact rests — If anyone can run me through how kria might be configured to produce cleanly separated notes, I would most appreciate.

Many thanks!


not sure i understand correctly, but either you need to run jf through a vca that is opened by say an envelope triggered by kria, or try jf plume mode which opens the voices wheb gated with a lpg characteristic sound. sound/sustain/dummy cable into run (or send cv to change decay time)

This is one of my favourite ways of using kria and jf.

I usually patch CV1 to v8/time and Gate 1 to identity, then use the other 3 tracks (Gates 2-4) to trig 2n, 3n, 6n (e.g.) while intone is set to one of its sweet spots.


Just tried this out for the first time. The results are great! I could only really find one sweet spot on the Intone though, any advice on how to find more ? Is it based on the scale of notes you are sending to JF via V/Oct ?

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thank you both @2197 and @sonoCircuit for the insight!!! This ended up helping me figure out and learn about Plume, and I ended up finally have a breakthrough re: sequencing the two:

The audio is super bricked because my recording setup is terrible, but this has given me a really good jumping off point for further exploration, thank you a bunch!


Glad you two are enjoying it @ilikeorangethecolour & @flower

Sure. I usually have intone set fully CW which results in the following intervals:

This table is from jf technical maps where you’ll find plenty of information in case you haven’t seen it already. As for the lastest firmware there should be more sweet spots as they were re-implemented by trent.

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Nice one thank you will do some more exploring!

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If you want fully chromatic results with six-voice polyphony, I’d recommend looking into Ansible leader mode and I2C.


You can use Kira with JF over i2c if you haven’t explored that yet. Check out the advanced section of the Ansible docs. Four JF voices using Ansible is awesome!

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i need a little help if possible… connected ansible to jf for the first time, followed the docs and this thread and it’s kind of working but not completely. so far ive only had luck with kria, and usually have to reload a preset several times before it starts working. then if i load another ansible app or change modes on jf, everything stops working again, even when i try switching back to kria/sustain mode. i’ve double checked my i2c connections and they look correct. any other ideas?

It could be to do with your pull-up resisters.
Is Ansible and JF both up to date on current firmwares?

yeah, was not working at all at first and then partially works after updating. ansible was already on newest firmware but jf was not

also, just friends is louder when not being controlled by kria, but almost acts like it’s receiving an i2c gate. turning the time knob modulates envelope release but doesn’t affect pitch

A couple of things:
JF in synth mode needs velocity info which is tied to gate duration in Kria.
In the Config settings of Kria you may need to adjust the base frequency of JF.
I’m more sure but maybe your not getting any perceived pitch as JF’s base frequency may to low?

Check this part of the docs.
Hopefully it helps :relaxed:

hmmm no, already checked that… it’s weird bc it works fine and then just stops when i switch apps :confused: i might try running the firmware update again in case something got corrupted somehow. appreciate the help!

That’s odd. I think reflashing the firmware is a good idea. Also possibly check the i2c cables are connected firmly or even try different cables. Maybe also turning leader mode on and off in Kria?

ah yeah i’ll try swapping the cables too. reflashed firmware and it seems like kria is acting more reliably, but no luck with earthsea or meadowphysics for some reason. super weird

I am trying to set up ansible/just friends i2c connection. When I click on links above for ansible advanced settings, the docs only have info on usb disk mode and tuning.

Any ideas on where I can find info on how to use ansible to control JF?

Edit: never mind figured it out. If anyone else is looking for this info, the link is i2c / ii | monome/docs

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