Ansible Kria Duration

Probably a noob question, but! Just got an Ansible. Having a hard time figuring out Duration in Kria. I understand how to change it on the Grid, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Where and how does it take effect? Thanks!

I found it to be surprisingly subtle but I think that had more to do with my intuition wanting to treat it like an envelope generator or something. How are you using it?

Also, I think I remember having to change the timing scale to open up the divisions a bit.

I’ve tried slowing the timing down to see if I notice any difference. The notes were going out of tune though, maybe that was it? I was expecting it to affect the triggers, but they seem to stay constant.

Going out of tune is irritatating - I use it for accenting single steps. It should be tweakable from subtile to not so subtile by the top row and per step by the collumns.

So, is that pitch deviation from the Duration?

I’m gathering that it doesn’t affect the triggers, but subtly affects the CV output?

I think the tuning issues you could be having might relate to the fact that the CV output is not necessarily tracked with the trigger output. Kria will output CV notes, if they are active, regardless of whether a trigger/gate is being output so I’m wondering if that is what you are hearing…

I don’t know what it does when you are in classic sequencing mode cause I never use it but in original kria mode with all parameters independent it only puts out a new CV combined witen a trigger occurs, even if the CV is changing on the display.

I haven’t tried it with the latest firmware by now though cause I am tired of losing my work when doing a mandatory upgrade that tries to fix some bugs. Waiting for some final version.

Tuning issues aside, what does Duration do? Does it effect the CV, the trigger?

Ahh! I hear it! Slight hold on the specific step. Nice.

It seems like it only does it when the notes are the same adjacent to the step. If I select different notes on every step, I don’t get any elongated steps.

Hey guys - just got my ansibles and I’m using my grid and kria and I just cannot change the length of the 4 tracks at the top. It will show the change but as more dimly lit ghost notes - this is clocking internally and externally…