Ansible Kria Feature Requests


Here are my first thoughts :

  • clock divider/mult per track
  • Ability to have Loop Sync mode to “none” while the Note Sync is on. Basically, everything independant, except for Notes and Triggers.
  • a “Freeze” (repeat current step) button and a “Reset” button in the Trigger Page.

Ansible + Cycles Feature Requests
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I believe each sub-sequencer has clock division. The middle modifier key is a TIME modifier for the currently selected sequencer.

Unless you’re requesting a clock divider for all sub-sequences within a track, which is a cool idea.


Portamento/glide? Would that be possible to add?


Portamento/glide might be easier to do with something like maths or a slew limiter.


I had the chance to spend time with Kria over the weekend. Really like the interface. Makes it simple to modify patterns on the fly, to store and access patterns (so useful for composition). For a melodic sequencer, this is an easy replacement for standard White Whale, IMHO.

Here’s my first stab at using it.


That’s a really lovely little tune and the title fits quite good!

I just wondered if Ansible Kria already has Teletype remote control?


Based on the current documentation, the only TT support is for using the Ansible for external outs.


Ah, damn it - I just spontaniously sold my whale and ordered an ansible after seeing that the trilogy is discontinued for real. I hope remote will be possible in future. Following my very basic (basically no at all) understanding of software coding it should not make such a big difference if a routine is triggered from a grid button or a teletype command…:cold_sweat:


These two are interesting to me. I like the ability to “un-sync” parameters, while leaving others synced. Feels like it organically adds to the type of phasing that kria was built for! Have no idea how much work that’d take to code, though, or how you would control the tempo of the un-synced parameters, especially without a knob on Ansible. The ability to Freeze a current step of a specific track feels really nice for performance, especially if you’re really using it to control four voices.


correct-- though my next ansible firmware update will have TT control over various parameters in all modes, including tempo, so this will be good for using the TT param knob for kria/etc internal clocking.


TT -> Kria pattern change?


Clearly, TT is becoming (has become?) the trunk of a wonderfully growing tree.


Yes, certainly. And more.

it allows for “unlisted” param modes and changes, which is pretty powerful for expanding functionality off-panel


Cool - sounds great!:grinning:


two badly-needed features that haven’t yet materialized:

  1. pattern stop. perhaps the first unused button on the control row? right now, the only way to stop playback is to leave one saved pattern slot empty and switch to it, which shortens song/setlist possibilities.

  2. quantized pattern changes. queue up the next pattern to run when the current pattern reaches its last step. when using kria as e.g. a techno groovebox, perfect 1/32 or 1/64-note timing is necessary to avoid wrecking the flow, as there’s always a noticeable lag between pressing the pattern button and its actual launch. maybe its delay length is related to the current tempo.

would be nice to have:

  • loop currently playing pattern while editing a different pattern, instead of launching patterns immediately upon switching. probably not trivial or practical to implement.

  • no auto-advance/no auto-loop. this would turn kria into something like @Galapagoose’s mlrv in “slice” mode! setting pattern inner-loop length to 1 is sort of similar, but not quite the same as it still loops endlessly. this feature would basically add the “stop pattern” request above onto every playhead move. possibly not practical to implement, as changing pattern length and moving the playhead is a two-handed operation, whereas mlrv slicing doesn’t require that many selection steps.


Oh man, seconded. 20 characters worth of seconding this!



note that i have many new features for the pattern portion of kria planned, but this will be part of it.


Sorry, I mistakenly posted this in wrong thread so i’m moving here where it belongs.

Ability to copy/paste patterns.
Button combination to trigger hard reset.

Allow teletype to set/get Time for parameters. This would allow for rachet mode scripts etc.


Ability to copy/paste patterns.
Button combination to trigger hard reset.

Allow teletype to set/get Time for parameters. This would allow for rachet mode scripts etc.

At that point, the combination of ansible + teletype might yield the most advanced step sequencer on the planet. Even with a buy in of $1400(grids + mods), you’re still cheaper than a cirklon which is arguably your only competition at that level of functionality.


I would love a way of telling Kria to play through multiple patterns… Something like being able to use the Length modifier key to select multiple patters to loop through on the pattern view.

Edit: One more thought… this with a faster clock speed (or clock multiplier) would allow for higher step counts for a sequence… i.e. you could string together four 16 step sequences playing at 4x clock to get a 64th note sequence… or something like that.