Ansible Kria Feature Requests


Interaction design is a very difficult vocation. I trust @tehn to make the best decision (making the long press time a little longer for pattern writing may be sufficient).

Note that pattern writing and preset saving are two different interactions. I believe the W/R proposal came up regarding preset saving.


Yes, I see now that it switched from pattern saving to preset writing after @tehns proposal.

And you are right regarding interaction design.


fixed, in the next update


After playing with Kria on Ansible for the last month, I re-discovered a lot of the joy that I had when I first encountered Parc. The one feature I’m wishing after most, though, is Parc’s multi-note logic. For the uninitiated, it allows you to select multiple notes in a column (which would typically form a chord) and as it passes it selects one of them, keeping monophony. Seems in line with Kria’s wheelhouse.

(OT: anyone know how to achieve this with another module in tandem?)


A quantizer (could be Teletype) being fed random voltages from a S&H or a switch, could alter individual notes for you in a controlled chance manner. S&H for more chance, switch for more control? (quite a few different ways to set this up)


TT seems like the next piece of the puzzle. Thanks for that!


One request on the next update would be updated documentation. I keep moving between the video for the original WW version and the (seemingly) incomplete ansible kria illustrated docs, neither of which give a full picture as far as I can tell. A new manual that doesn’t take any previous Kira knowledge for granted would really be a huge help!


yessssss. join us :slight_smile:


This may already be implemented but to madeofoak’s point above, I don’t see it in the manual… if its there, I will edit my below post :slight_smile:

I would like to have an “all phase” reset per track. I typically keep note sync off so that I can let the trigger, note, and octave tracks phase melodically but I would like to be able to simultaneously run a percussion or drum track along side the melody. Its hard to keep the track in phase (for instance, for a predictable kick drum sequence or bassline) without a reset. I know I could just change my workflow to build the track with note sync on and then turn it off but seems easier to be able to perform a reset.

EDIT: an idea for the UX implementation might be a pressing of each parameter (trigger, note, octave, duration) and also the first step of the track to be reset. You can press multiple parameters to reset whichever ones you want (i.e., just trigger and note).

I would also love to see the current version of Kria ported to WW if its possible to do so (obviously, with a lower/different track count). Not really a feature request but would be great for those of us with WW to be able to keep up since Kria seems to be the future.



but i know @tehn is super busy, so i’m planning to explore how TT can help with this (among other things).


That’s one of my favourite Monome videos; I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it. Parc on the Ansible platform (or WW) would be amazing.


agreed about the docs.


cycles attenuation
cycles subdivision

kria meta-sequencing

(anyone spot anything else?)

otherwise kria’s docs are mostly there. it’s a drag the ww/kria tutorial video isn’t 100% transferrable, but the ansible changes i believe improve the experience

thanks for the bump


I posted this in a different thread:

I had a Varigate 8+ that I sold because I could never visualize my pattern, a problem that Kria doesn’t have. My favorite feature on the V8+ though was the easy RPT control. That was the fastest way to add drills and stutters to sequences, something that is especially useful with the Bitbox or ER-301.


One thing that would be awesome in a Kria update is per track play direction. Having forward/reverse/ping-pong/random modes for each track would open up some really amazing possibilities.


100% agree with this. Random variations with sequences on Kria would be wonderful.


On the subject of random with Kria -

Something that would be really neat that I thought of while performing live with Kria is that it would be nice to have a feature that would randomize the parameters for whichever parameter page the user is on (Trigger, Note, Octave, Duration). This is a feature that the Stillson Hammer Mk2 has that, I imagine, would be really fun with Kria! For example, if you navigate to duration and there’s one button to push (or key combo) that would randomize all values on that page, you could instantly have a sequence that’s completely different, on the fly.

I have no understanding regarding how difficult this would be to implement, so feel free to shoot the idea down as feature bloat, etc! But as a performance feature, I felt myself really yearning for that in a live setting to very rapidly switch things up in a “controlled-random” manner.


this is actually a somewhat common feature for sequencers-- if we can figure out a key-gesture i’d consider it.

also at issue is randomization range-- it doesn’t seem right to always randomize full range-- perhaps check the minimum and maximum of the current data and use those as constraints?


Why not implementing those meta functions via teletype/i2c?

Imagine two new operators: one that reads or selects the parameter and one that sets (and could read for other use cases) the step values. It would be possible then to set the range of modulation/change as well as if it shall be random or follow special pattern within teletype writing a short and could be triggered on the fly with just hitting the according function key.


The guys at Winter-Modular with the Eloquencer allow for the dialing in of octave range that will be randomized and also if the user is going to randomize 1 or 3 layers.


@Leverkusen - don’t have teletype and am not trying to expand at the moment; if I did it would be a nice easy integration. Looking for something inside Kria.

@tehn yeah exactly, that sounds like the move. I’m also going to explore hacking it myself when I have a few hours to spare!