Ansible Kria Feature Requests


An Eloquencer “layer” is similar to a Kria “page”. So, this is a choice between randomizing a smaller or larger number of parameters with a single encoder press.

Pretty much everything in Eloquencer can be randomized with various means of controlling range. Not a bad model to look to for randomization interaction design.

I’m also fond of mutation or evolution as a concept. This is different from randomization in that it’s more like generating subtle variations on existing values through some kind of drunk walk algorithm. The new values always have a relationship to the old values. This can be very useful for keeping a repeating sequence interesting/humanized without also losing the reinforcement that comes from repetition. Lets you control the balance between repetition and variation. This approach is implemented very nicely in Coldcut’s Midivolve Max for Live device.


like this -
and this -

i don’t know if anyone is familiar with the Serge touch activated keyboard sequencer (TKB) but i would love to be able to hand select and play, using the 5th row an individual column of voltages - and to do this while the sequencer is running / and also without the sequencer running. And to do this in different playing modes - pendulum, random, reverse etc.

I know if you put a dummy plug in, it stops the clock but i can’t choose a column. I can get a random movement in the sequence by plugging in some filtered pink noise, but i would love to be able to choose a column at the same time.

I know its not what Kria was designed for but just by 3 cents.


@mlogger I really like that idea- never used the Serge sequencer but that would open up some cool possibilities.

In addition to all these great suggestions, how hard would it be to add microtonal scales like on white whale? I would love to be able to set up sequences in just or Pythagorean intonation without having to use a separate module (of which there are sorely few that can do this).


I think White Whale may have had similar options


A feature that would be ENDLESSLY useful would be a mute function, to be able to mute each track separately so that they while muted they don’t send any triggers, just staying closed, and the CV outs don’t send any information.

I feel that Ansible would be practically perfect with this after the meta-pattern and pattern cue functions after the last update!


I added this actually: (Kria) track muting

I’m a little behind on getting my Kria changes together for a pull request, but I will try to do it soon.


a PR would be fantastic, curious to see your trig length mod as well…


Amazing! Thanks a bunch!


I would love to see these features ported to Kria. Really enjoyed using the random note feature from eloquencer but I ended up letting it go as I still preferred the interface/workflow of Kria.


+1 for ratcheting for rolls, multiple trigger bursts per step


Division/multiplication for Meta-pattern clock.


Without knowing the finer details of meta sequencing it seems the reset isn’t working/resetting the full metasequence as one might expect?


Master octave switching/transpose per channel.

I know currently this can be done by note/step but i want to be able to transpose octave up and down per sequence per channel. The scale page currently transposes all the channel sequences together.

Also the ability not to lose presets when updating firmware - some way to store presets when updating


Don’t know if I got you right but you could set the transposition sequence page to one step to achieve this, I think.

You’re right with the external storing/updating issue though.


Thats per step - i want to shift all the sequence up together at one time - like what you would do with a precision adder - per channel, not global like whats in the scale section


Yes, I meant set the length of the transpose sequence to just one step - then it’s switch. Sorry for being unclear.


Yes, i understand, hey no worries!


You could mix 2 channels together in a unity mixer, set one of those channels to a single step and use the octave control on that to transpose the other sequence?


Thanks, its a great idea but more of a workaround. I currently use a Beast’s Chalkboard with Kria, Its 2 channels, i was just hoping for a non modular route - like three buttons in the top right corner of the octave page - up / O / down :slight_smile:


this makes sense and i could see it being useful, plus there is actually room on the octaves page which is important.

(Kria) Feature(?) trigger-step params
(kria) ratcheting + alt note + glide