Ansible Kria Feature Requests


Not sure if this is a request or just a question.

Let’s assume you have 2 patterns on track 1 in kria. Let’s assume you’re clocking that track with Teletype’s metronome script. Now let’s say you want to issue a Teletype command to switch patterns in kria, currently playing pattern 0.


will switch from pattern 0 to 1, but it will do it immediately, or possibly it is switching on the next tick of the internal clock - I can’t quite tell. You can evaluate the current pattern length and position to achieve a pattern switch at the end of the pattern.

Something like this, for example:

X KR.POS 1 1
Y - KR.L.LEN 1 1 1

will wait until the end of the current pattern, from the perspective of the trigger parameter’s length.

This is a lot of script lines though, and due to the length of the conditional line, takes a couple of variables. Is there any kind of function to cue the pattern to switch when the current pattern ends? Looking for something like a


Or is there a shorter way to write the code?


That would perfect :ok_hand:t2:


I can see that this would be useful, but also very specific. Since Kria is a based on phasing sequences, I would not want to tie this on one trigger track. Look at the ER-101/102, which had a similar problem to solve.

So my first thought was

KR.PAT.CUE x y z

with x and y specifying the reference track and z the pattern to call.

Of course I have no idea if it would be possible to conditionally cue/delay a command inside the Kria code. Generally I am fine with doing the more specific calculations in teletype and would prefer bugs being fixed before new features are introduced. But that’s a different point.


Request: would it be possible for Kria to have a mode where it functions only as an 7/8-track trigger/gate sequencer with i2c possibilities?


FWIW, that sounds pretty close to Meadowphysics :slight_smile:


Thats what I thought till I was trying out what I wanted to do earlier, rhythmically the results are very different.


Sorry if this has been asked before.

Is there a way to do longer notes? For example,
1,1,1,3, pause, 1,1…etc (1 is the clock beat)

What I have been doing is to put the note duration to full on the 1st row and note length
and punching in 3 notes in of the same pitch.

I know i can slow down each track so the notes are ‘longer’, but is there an easier way to do long and short notes on a track? Maybe like how you define loops, you can define how long you want the gate to stay open on a certain note.


look for the “duration” page in the docs. the duration parameter changes the gate length, but not the number of steps it takes up; I’m not sure if that’s quite what you had in mind or not


For example I want a note to hold over 3 steps. I set the duration to full on all 3 steps in a row. This the only way?


According to the kria manual, setting note durations should tie together steps completely, but unfortunately, there is a known bug in the code as of 1.6.1 which causes a the gate to drop for a tiny amount between steps resulting in a retrigger.


Wondering if Kria and meadow physics would be given the i2c leader treatment (ala polyES) at some point making it able to speak directly with just friends and the 301? Could this be considered a feature request?


That would truly be amazing and something I’d really like to see implemented but I’m pretty sure the person behind the i2c development said he won’t be doing it so hopefully someone with the skills could take over.


Yup read that too :laughing:
The wait continues…


For what it’s worth, you can already patch Teletype to allow direct control of Just Friends with Kria: patch Kria’s gate outputs to four gate inputs on Teletype and in each of the corresponding scripts write JF.NOTE KR.CV 3 V 5, where you’d change 3 to match which Kria channel you’re working with.

Something about as simple will work with the ER-301 or TXo (I mean, with the 301, you could just use patch cables too).

Notice this doesn’t factor in gate length, but given that you have five lines of script left, something could be figured out.


Is there a way to go down in octave on the octave modifier page? I know I can start in the middle and tune my osc accordingly, but then my range up and down is limited… am I missing something or is this a feature request? :wink:


by design, Ansible outputs unipolar positive voltages (0–10V I think?), and currently Kria’s lowest note is that 0V, so I don’t think this is possible.


Could this be solved with a precision adder function? Just subtract 1v for every octave one wants to descend?


Someone on MuffWiggler mentioned that you can just take the out going CV into an attenuverter and invert the signal. Now it will go down the scale.


Not if the output is limited to 0-10 volts, however something like Beast’s Chalkboard can subtract voltage.

@TonyIdaho - I don’t think it works that way and if it did, it would be confusing wouldn’t it?

The most realistic scenario you could try (to keep the scale the same) would be to use an attentuverter to bring the starting voltage down 1 volt, but that’s hard to do by hand.

Edit: Re-reading that and what others have said, it appears it would go in a different direction. Would need to test this out to see what musical applications it has - could lead to some interesting ideas.


I’m not sure this will keep the scale relationship as defined on the scale page.