Ansible Kria not starting on step 1 when reset by Intellijel uMidi

Hey, longtime lurker here. Finally bought a Grid and Ansible after longing for em for quite a while. I love them! Thanks for making these, Tehn!!! :smile: :smile:

But… Ansible (mostly using Kria so far) is not starting in sync with my other sequencing modules when reset by the reset output of my Intellijel uMidi :frowning:

Ansible/Kria appears to be reacting late to the reset pulse coming from uMidi. At 80 bpm, it’s about three 16th note steps behind the other sequencer/clock modules in my case. It’s like it takes a second for the uMidi reset pulse to register.

Modules that restart great with the uMidi reset pulse include Launch Codes, Voltage Block, Zularic Repetition and 4ms RCD. When I first got the uMidi, it had an earlier firmware in which the timing of the reset pulse wasn’t working correctly with these modules. But with the latest firmware, these modules are reset perfectly. So, it appears that Ansible/Kria is the outlier here.

FWIW, I’ve scoured this forum and the internet in general, and I’ve not seen one mention of this issue.

I’m not at all coding savvy, but I’m hoping that this might be able to be fixed by some sort of firmware alteration to the Ansible reset input response(?) Maybe some value I could change in the firmware code? Or could this be a hardware issue?

Any suggestions at all would be huuuugely appreciated! Thanks in advance!

have you tried reset with a module other than the umidi?

do you have a scope or any way to show what the pulse looks like? voltage, length, etc? sounds like it’s getting a double-trigger somehow.

Regarding reset via other modules, I haven’t done anything exaustive yet, but I’ll have time tomorrow to do more testing and report back.

Another info piece: umidi 1.11 firmware release notes : “Send reset signal slightly before clock”.
That was definitely the update that actually made the umidi send the reset signal my other modules seem to expect.

I don’t have a scope, but would recording the reset signal into an audio app like Ableton help?

If it helps, µMIDI uses 5ms long pulses at 5V. I had a quick browse through the Ansible firmware to see if I can spot anything, but I can’t immediately tell why it would be lagging. Seems like it should get two events put on the queue, a reset followed by a clock.

Whoohoo! I just tried reseting Ansible via µMIDI’s run output, and it works perfectly!

Now for some synced action… :smiley::smiley: