Ansible Kria Probability Mode

Sorry to keep pestering the board with silly questions, but I have yet another one. :wink:

Specifically, I’m trying to wrap my head around how the probability modifier applies to the various parameters. Trigger, I think, I get: Probability defines the % chance that a trigger is sent out. Pretty straightforward. But what does this now mean for the note, octave, and duration parameters?

Is it, for instance, the % chance that the note setting actually takes effect instead of just playing the root note? Etc. etc.

All the parameters only take effect when a note is actually played, i.e. a trigger is active on a step.

So if a note is played and I have set the octave to β€˜3’ and the octave probability to 50%, what does that mean? Is there is a 50% chance the octave will be β€˜1’ and a 50% that the octave will be β€˜3’?

Sorry, I did not get it at first! I think it’s the probability of a change taking place to the value that is connected to that probability.

So it’s a 50 % chance that the value changes to 3 or it will stay at the value it was before reaching this step.

I am not using it very much as it does not match my feeling of how often things should take place with the selected probability very good.

I am actually wondering about this too. Probability seems to only affect the trigger.