Ansible lag issues (delayed input) cv and midi i am lost

Jf as voice works fine (but not via ansible midi)
No other sequencers no.

Yes i think the issue is somehow connected to exactly that. Some mess with timing of triggers vs cv.

Another reason to love just friends even if it feels like a crazy fix for my problem

i’ll test ansible (in earthsea mode) with oscilloscope tonight to see if there is a delay between trigger and CV.

the midi issue seems to be a separate issue. what happens when you use ansible midi with just friends as the voice?

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Daaaaaammmmnn… just realized midi couldnt work in this context since ansible midi isnt poly duh. Another confusing variable elemianted

Ansible midi with JF as voice sounded weird. Need to try again. But want to keep things patched as is now to study the present situation more

Btw that is what the disting maker suggested to me but i havent yet found a way to record cv and gate together to wav to send him. The scope should bemuch more precise

i have screenshots and a new version to try.

first i measured the delay between CV and trigger updates when using ansible earthsea:

it looked like CV updates were delayed by 1-2ms compared to trigger delays. i then measured ansible midi:

which was significantly better, under 0.15ms (you can see it’s actually taking almost as much time for the trigger to reach the peak). which was surprising, so i checked the code and realized the method i used was based on a 3ms timer, while the midi mode called the immediate update method. after i changed earthsea to also use it its update delay also dropped to under 0.15ms:

can you give this version a try and see if it makes a difference? ansible.hex (265.6 KB)


Thank you. Yes that looks good.
So the hex is same as present available firmware but with a delay tweak for the cv recognition to not be behind Tr?

I will loose my saved presets right?
Have to record one melody before flashing.

I dont really get why my midi lag seems worse tough.

the fix is the latest version that includes earthsea with the fix to have CV outputs not being delayed compared to gate outputs.


i’m not sure what you mean. you are seeing a lag between CV and gate outputs when using midi with this new version? or something else? there shouldn’t be any lag when using midi, and this version did not change anything in the midi app.

Not yet flashed this version. Give me a few days.
No i just meant so far (and unlikely to change) contrary to your measures my midi seems lagging more then cv/grid.

So i might look for that issue elsewhere. Maybe trying to power the midi divice externally .

from what i can tell as you play notes, ansible midi cycles through the 4 CV/gate output pairs. if you’re triggering a disting from one output pair only you will only hear every 4th note. are you sure that’s not what you’re seeing?

afraid so, yes. Ansible has 2 or 3 midi modes and one should have normal 1 note voice afaik. At least that was my understanding. I always press to second or thrid midi mode to getout of the default cycling one.

then i’m not sure what’s going on. i highly doubt that some conditions would introduce a lag between cv and trigger outputs. if you can post a video that might help in case it’s a different issue, but at this point judging by my measurements and the actual code there should not be any lag.

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And i am sure you are perfectly right.
Will do both asap, test new hex and video.

Here you go.
Made 2 clips that show my problematic situation.

First is drums with JF set up not in the way it helps. This is the same situation for standard EG or no EG.

Second and this saddens me even more shows that even my JF fix isnt constant. I cant think of any reason but the cv/trigger lag we look at to cause these issues. This cant be normal behaviour.

If you think flashing Ansible with that hex will help/should fix this i will try.

Also a pic of how i need to set up JF to have the tracking at least halfways good as in the melody clip

Observing the 2nd vid with the chords it becomes clear that the issue is indeed linear with both channels reacting the same.

sorry, this doesn’t really help to investigate the issue, it just confirms you’re seeing a lag, but we already knew there is a lag in ansible earthsea in the previous version.

to reiterate, i made measurements with a digital oscilloscope, and i looked at the code. based on that:

  • in the latest firmware posted in the ansible earthsea thread there is a lag of up to 3ms in ansible earthsea, with CV updates lagging behind trigger updates
  • in the test version i posted here there is no lag in ansible earthsea
  • there is no lag in ansible midi in either version.

you need to try the latest version posted here to test earthsea. for ansible midi i still don’t know what’s going on, but again, i’m 99% sure there is no lag.

try updating the firmware with the latest here and redo the 2 tests above. if you still get a lag, remove just friends from the patch completely. it just introduces an additional variable that makes it impossible to investigate properly. just connect ansible directly to disting, and listen to that, no other modules in a patch. if you still get a lag try taking a video but instead of showing grid point it at ansible and disting so i can see the outputs.


Sorry for the super late reply, i am no good as a beta. But today back st my synth. Flashed your hex on. And its FIXED!

I come to expect no less by the skillfull crowd around the Monome apps.
Thanks once more!

that’s great to hear, thanks for confirming!