Ansible meadowphysics clock input/cv troubles

I am running mutable instruments grid clock output into ansible/meadowphysics. Everything works fine for a bit, then ansibles’ cv output stops putting out different voltages. It will freeze on one voltage. Gate continues like normal. Then I do a power cycle and it happens all over again. Also I have tried this in 4,8,and 24 ppqn from mutable-grids with the same outcome. Also ansibles’ orange gate leds are dimmer with the external clock.

Meadowphysics is putting out between 0 and 1 volt from the cv when not frozen. Is this normal? Seems low?

The cv’s white leds’ never light up like the gates orange leds do when running meadowphysics. Is that normal?

Ansible is connected to a teletype but I have not done any commands from teletype to ansible yet.

I’d have to look at the code but based on the description I think the behavior you are seeing is the result of very narrow pulse width on the incoming clock.

IIRC the external clocking logic on many of the modules (not just ansible) does work on both rising and falling edge of a clock signal. The setup is great for simplicity and in some cases allows the trigger output width to be modulated even if the module doesn’t support it. The downside is that if the incoming clock trigger width gets narrow enough things can get unstable in ways you are seeing.

have you tried other clocks? just FYI it wants a pretty slow clock-- each pulse is an event.

the LEDs are likely dimmer with an external clock because the pulse width is shorter-- this has to do with the shape of your clock signal

both are normal when MP is in “note” mode (1 or 4 voices), because the scale typically covers a single octave (1 volt) and the dynamic range of the LED output over 10 volts makes that single volt not very discernible from an LED perspective

Thanks @ngwese and @tehn.

I will do a test with my beatstep pro’s clock later and see if I get freezes. I had a pretty long jam with mutable-grids clock at a slower speed. Eventually it froze again so I guess it’s a matter of practice to get a good feel for the threshold using mutable-grids with ansible.

I will read meadowphyisics instructions again but it sounds like the cv voltage will always be between 0v-1v when in note mode then? There is no octave increase/decrease within meadowphysics that will spread over octaves then, correct?