Ansible: Meadowphysics note mode

Looking for some clues on how to assign a note value to a row. Also, I don’t understand how the different cv/tr modes work. Say you select 2 cv/tr pairs…which rows/outputs are they supposed to use?

Currently, if I select one of the voice modes, ALL of the rows only trigger output 1. In addition to when the counter falls off the edge, I also get a trigger when I press the row.

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push the chosen “mode” glyph again to toggle “sounding” mode (where you get a note on row count assignment). the brightness level will toggle to indicate this mode.

in any note mode, notes are allocated according to free voices-- so with short gates (triggers, which is common in the default setup) CV/TR1 will be almost exclusively used unless there is more than one voice triggered at once.

try toggling into gate toggle mode per voice and you’ll see way more voices used in 2/4 mode.

so-- rows do not get “assigned” to outputs, each row just gets assigned a note, and the cv/tr mappings are arbitrary and assumed all the same.

this is an interesting idea, however-- cv/tr assignment for rows. like mute groups. i’ll think about this.

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Thanks, Brian. I’m still missing how you select the note you want from the scale to fire for a given row… :thinking:

I understand now though, that as the rows fire, their note information is fed to voice 1. If two fire simultaneously, then the second spills over to voice 2. If I understand what you’re saying.

Oh, I think I get it now…each row corresponds to a note in the scale you identify.

I ended up doing a mini-series of Youtubes (unintentionally, really) of the four modes of Ansible. Here’s Meadowphysics and Cycles together, recorded as two separate passes:

Ansible has four modes. Here I explore the last two, Meadowphysics and Cycles, in one piece. I tracked them separately.

Meadowphysics on Ansible is a little different than the stand-alone module in that it can also output note information. Each row corresponds to a step in your scale. As rows fire, the note info is routed to the available output: first cv/trigger pair, or if it is firing at the same time as another row, it rolls over to the next output/voice. I’m controlling an Atlantis on bass (same setup as my Kria video) and Dixie II/Polaris combo on the other voice. The latter is going through Clouds again.

The beginning of the piece is from Grids/Meadowphysics, then I start to sneak in another pass I did using Ansible in Cycles mode this time. I created a chord of sorts, with the four voices going into the Cwejman QMMF4. Cycles and the four rings of Arc are modulating the cutoff frequency of each QMMF channel.

The bass is a modulated Intellijel Shapeshifter (the fm input is getting trigger from the Arc pulse out to Quadra envelope). The output of that channel goes to a Cwejman SPH2.

Second voice is a VCO 2RM.

Third voice is the other channel of the VCO 2RM, with some phase modulation.

Lastly, the highest and fourth voice is a VCO6 with a lot of saturation.

The QMMF4 output is getting some Valhalla reverb love.


Wow, that’s some great patch - thanks for sharing it!

I tried Meadowphysics on Ansible for the first time yesterday and did some experiments in note mode. Two questions occured while I was on it:

  1. I still don’d get the note assignment. In 1CV/TR I had the feeling that one row is playing one note of the row and in the other modes the first CV/TR pair is doing the same, I guess.
    But how does it work with the other outputs? I understood that pair two is firing when two rows come to an end at the same time, three with three rows and so on - but how is the note value selected on those outputs? Which one of the 2, 3, 4 simultaneous rows determines the pitch? While I got some very nice rhythmic patterns with short counting ranges, the fourth pair shows less variation then the other pairs. I tried a lot with manual presses of four rows but could not figure out how the pitch value is determined.

  2. I got several freezes with the grid. I could not make out a pattern by now: sometimes it was frozen at power up, sometimes when switching the grid back from trilogy MP, sometimes when I just turned my attention back to it with no switching or touching before. It never stopped running, just lost the grid. Sometimes the grid still showed activity but did not respond to button presses anymore. Sometimes I had to power cycle, sometimes it came back to live by its own. Strange. I did not use teletype remote when this happend, just Ansible MP in 4 CV/TR mode. Later in the evening it worked better for quite some time. Anyone noticed something like this too?

I’m also just trying out cv via Ansible/MP for the first time now. I can’t seem to get any pitch out of the cv outputs no matter how I have it set. The same Ansible works perfectly as KR, and for MP gate/trig output, but nothing i’ve done seems to send one of my scale notes out of the cv output.

I have it set to 1 CV/TR voice, and have a scale set in the config screen. Firmware 1.4.

I did get it working today, but then it stopped again at some point and came back when I cycled the power.

Also going to add my vote for the assignable output/row feature. That would be a very useful alternate mode.

I think that my question might be relevant to this topic.

N.B. I’m coming from the Max version of Meadowphysics.

Am I correct in my understanding that in (a) 1 CV/TR voice Mode, all rows trigger/send CV on the same Gate/CV, e.g., Gate/CV 1, and (b) in 2 CV/TR voice Mode, trigs/CV are separated between the Gate/CV 1 and 2?

Ahhh. I’m going to try the gate thing tonight.

Reviving this thread to see if there is any progress towards octaves being an option, either globally, or per row. If not I need to add a few precision adders to my case.

Would be nice if I could have note changes allocated to secondary channels without necessarily having a trig/gate at same time allocated in original output. I mean, the way its going here I can only have melodies with a breakbeat! Seems silly to me. But maybe Im missing on something within the algo?

Your only restriction is 8 notes and your imagination. Granted, it might take a while to figure out what MP can do when the various rows interact with each other… hint - not every row needs to reset itself.

I’m also having an issue where Meadowphysics won’t trigger when the voice mode is set to 1 CV/TR. I took a short video that shows trigs in 2 CV/TR that stop when I switch to 1 CV/TR:

Unless I’m missing something, I would expect the same trig behaviour after switching voice modes. There is only one active voice and AFAIK the only difference is the voice mode; reset actions are the same. Any idea what’s happening?

(I’m new to monome so this could easily be user error, but if not, I’d be happy to open a GitHub issue.)

I am having the same experience with 1cv/trig mode. CV/trigs act as expected during 2/4/8 modes though.

Success! :slight_smile:

I’ve opened a pull request to fix the issue.


merged, uploaded to release page. thank you @saeflod!!!

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Did you ever add a voice allocation mode? This would be so useful to forward separate sequencers on, for instance.