Ansible Meadowphysics - scales per row?

Hey there,

I thought I’d check out Meadowphysics for the first time since getting Ansible a couple years ago (Kria immediately took all of my attention). I see in the documentation that this new version can map a scale of notes to the individual row triggers.

I can’t find the aforementioned linked docs, though. I’m running Ansible 1.6 and when bumbling around on the grid I can only seem to change the global scale, but not each individual output’s scale.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Does the information in this thread help at all?

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Thanks, @sunbeamer. Yeah, when I had looked at that thread I hadn’t caught that we were asking the same thing. But now I see that it’s not a feature that sets individual scales per row, but instead sets individual notes per row.

Perhaps a code update or Norns code could deliver what you were thinking about. Any other thoughts about functionality? MP with each row advancing through a different sequence or scale could be pretty cool.

Nice. Yeah, Norns + Crow action is in my future. For the time being, my Norns sleeps more than most cats.

But I really like to use sparse scales (less than 7 notes) from neighboring keys (circle of 5ths) to create unique lines that when played together, create a dynamic counterpoint, so anything in the Monome universe that can facilitate that is exciting.

Maybe one of these… months, years… I’ll learn some scripting. Sounds like one could easily make that in TT.

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