Ansible / midi / How to send TRIGGER?


I plug a USB MIDI keyboard (AKAI LPK25) into the Ansible module to perform my Synthesizer. I use the 2nd Allocation (MONO). I would like to send a TRIGGER each time I play a note on the keyboard even if the GATE is still high, in the order to retrig the envelope generator (Intellijel Dual ADSR).

Unfortunately, the TRIGGER signal is not available from the output of the Ansible module (unlike the Intellijel uMIDI module, where you have both GATE and TRIGGER output).

Is there a trick to get this TRIGGER signal, from the module directly ? another way ?

Thank you a lot !

Looking at the code (it has been awhile) it looks like in MONO mode (as well as all other modes) only output gate signals.

On the bright side MONO mode only uses two of the four physical trigger outputs so it would be possible to add a trigger out along side the existing gate out.

I’ve created an issue on GitHub for the feature request:

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Thank you.

And do you know a way to make TRIGGER from the GATE or from CV signal (pitch, velocity) of the Ansible module using another module ?

For example, for any change in the CV signal from the Ansible module (pitch, velocity), a specific patch generate a TRIGGER signal that we could use to retire the envelope. I tried to do that with MakeNoise MATH or Intellijel QUADRA but unfortunately I failed.

Gate into Maths Ch1 trigger, rise & fall CCW, shape CW (exp), EOR as your trigger, but that won’t solve your issue, since it will give you an initial trigger but not if the gate is held high.

Thank you.
Effectively, that’s why my idea was to use the change in the CV signal (pitch velocity). A patch that detect the change in the CV then generate a TRIGGER. So easy in MaxMSP for example…