Ansible MPE (in the future)?

Small update: I’ve been doing some testing (with @ngwese’s help!) nd connecting my LinnStrument via my iConnectMIDI seems to solve all my issues, so at the moment I’m guessing it’s something to do with how the LinnStrument is sending things. I’ve ordered some things I need to get debugging going on the Earthsea, and then I’ll have a deeper poke at that next week.

I’m also open to having a stab at implementing MPE.


Does anyone know if Roli Seabord block works with ansible if I connect it via USB?

I’m happy that @KthulhTriokus bumped this thread as I’d not yet stumbled deep enough into the forum to see it. Is there any status update regarding MPE on the Ansible?

I don’t have a Roli Seaboard block but in theory it should work in non-MPE mode assuming its current draw is below 500 mA.

I did spend a good deal of time about a year ago trying to get a Roli lightpad block working w/ ansible and failed - it would work for a few seconds then did something which locked up the USB stack on the module itself, requiring me to power cycle it.

I would still like to see MPE support at some point.

I can’t speak for Ansible, but when I used Roli Blocks with my Kilpatrick Carbon it used to lock up the USB host port. After a firmware upgrade to both Blocks and Carbon it then worked as expected, so maybe upgrade the Blocks and try again?

It appears that with current firmware on the Roli Block (v0.4.0) single channel midi mode is much more stable and doesn’t wedge the USB stack like it did previously.

…off to read up on MPE I guess.


It looks like the Roli Block is the first device I have which packs multiple midi messages in a single USB midi event so the Ansible firmware isn’t really working correctly even single channel midi mode. …off to fix midi_packet_parse().

Ack, ignore that…