Ansible pitch accuracy

Hello All,

as I am starting a project with a bass player, I have been having some tuning issues with my modular.
I have looked into tuning accurately my sound generators (Braids and Rings) and I have succeed using CVpal as a main source of CV pitch.
When I then turned to using Ansible (Kria mode) I have seen that the pitch accuracy was somehow lost (not by much) and that ansible was also not consistent through its 4 CV outputs.
So I decided to measure the output V from the 4 CV channels and I have found:

  1. they are all different by some cents (between 0.994 to 1.006 on a C2 note supposed to be 1V)
  2. the spread between channels varies with teh note (the top and bottom of the spectrum has larger differences)
  3. none of the channels output an accurate V for the note chosen in comparison witht eh accuracy of CVpal

Said that, I am just trying to understand what is happening and if this is normal for Ansible or not.
In defence of the module I can say that my Power distribution board is to its limit in terms of Ampere so this might be the reason

any idea?


unfortunately i couldn’t make a solid call on this.

in general i’d always have headroom on your power supply, so yes, i might suggest re-doing the experiment with a couple power-hungry modules removed.

your channel-to-channel discrepancy seems out of spec-- i wouldn’t expect that. so there might be a minor circuit defect of some kind (if this is suspected, e-mail

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Thanks @tehn
Will do the test tomorrow morning hen I can sit quietly in front of the modular.

Really appreciate prompt response

Quick update
Sorry to be late.

I removed 2 of the more power angry module and the second channel is still a bit drift away from the rest.

Still C2:
Ch1 0.998
Ch2 0.989
Ch3 1.003
Ch4 0.997

Not sure if it is an hardware failure.
Do u think it is normal?

that second channel isn’t great. e-mail