Ansible: Simple solutions are the hardest to find

… sometimes. This is just so stupid I still bang my head for it. So I was recently playing with Arc and Ansible and the idea came to me that I could use one CV out to scale another CV out. So I directly patch them together with Stackables, now one out can transpose another… so stupid but took me a year to get to this… This might make a lot of you frown like stupid?!, but there might be one or the other out there that hasn’t thought about this solution too. I know that this isn’t the most elegant solution, but that was not the goal.

I don’t know how Ansible is designed and if it is protected but generally I think mixing voltages with stackables/multiples is not a very good idea in modular synths. I would rather use a mixer or, for transposing pitch CV, an precision adder.

Beware though that this (mixing) is not what stackcables were made for. I think it won’t lead to issues with monome-modules, but in general, it’s not safe to assume that connecting multiple outputs together with stackcables won’t lead to damage on your modules.

Totally agree with you both, but a small system needs samll solutions and I read somewhere that the monome modules are all diode protected or something… mybe @tehn can chine in on this…

Ah, yes, I think you are right - there was something mentioned when the Just Friends run issue came up. Make Noise and Verbos are safe too but I still would recommend to always make this clear just to prevent someone from taking this for granted and fry his/her metropolis…

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Mannequins modules, as far as I know, are all protected and can be used like this - super useful with Just Friends and 3 sisters. But I’ve never read that monome modules are so I would avoid this until you hear from @tehn

With regards to Make Noise, I thought it was just the Gate outputs which were safe to use like this. I’ve not really looked into it though.

tehn mentioned it here

Hm, now that you are saying…might be the best to just don’t do it…