Ansible standalone power rating

Was planning via modular grid and so close to my +12v rail limit. I believed the rating of ansible at 200ma is with grid/arc being attached.

Just wondering if anyone knows the power rating of ansible without grid/arc being attached or powered externally?

I have the same issue with mine.
I have a Befaco power rail which is supposed to work until 700 mA
With the ansible I shall be at 740 mA but everything seems to work fine with grid attached.

I have not measured it though so I am wondering if it is exactly 200 mA or a bit less.

200ma is the max. it will typically be much lower.

i don’t have a measurement in front of me for non-USB-powering, but i’d expect it to be under 40ma.

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thanks for the info! Everything is working fine with grid/arc attached and powered via switch.


hey brian, if grid is powered by external 5v, what is ansible’s power consumption roughly speaking?


Isn’t that what he was referring to two posts up when he said under 40ma? I think it is.

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great, I only read that the switch was being used, not the external 5v, so I was wondering if there was any difference.

thank you!

switch or ext5v both mean no 5v draw. so yes, the same.

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great thanks, just making sure.

It would nice to have this on modulargrid as an option maybe or is that too much of a hassle?

ill keep subtracting 160mA in the back of mind.

If anyone needs it. Ansible power draw with Grid/Arc powered externally or no Grid/Arc connected.

+12V 45mA MAX (everything maxed out, you’ll never hit this in practical use)
-12V 21mA MAX

Readings taken simultaneously with a Fluke 175 & Amprobe AM-520


how much does ansible with a connected arc draw if powered internally and assuming practical use?