Ansible / Switch Bugs

here’s a 1.2 beta firmware that i believe should fix hotplugging issues and confusion with the mode/preset key (there was a serious bug that crept in with a feature upgrade) (69.1 KB)


I am afraid it doesn’t…:cry:

@tehn to specify it:

Heavy hut plugging with Arc seems to work, also with a grid. Using switch and a grid seems okay too at a first glance but using switch with an Arc freezes Ansible every sigle time I switch back to it (from nothing in my case since I have only one Arc).

to clarify:

  • arc works perfectly hotplugged directly
  • arc eventually doesn’t reconnect when flipped with switch

Exactly, just that Arc never reconnects when flipped with switch.

(and the case has to be repowered)

upon investigation there is an issue with the arc firmware when using the switch-- i’m sorry to say that the switch is not compatible with the arc.

there is surely a firmware modification that could be made to the arc, though i honestly hadn’t intended on the switch being used with the arc and did not check this prior.

Just found this thread, as I am still getting timing glitches switching between 2 ansibles (currently one running MP, the other Kria) when I switch between them using SWITCH. I really like using SWITCH as I don’t find hot swapping elegant or easy in a cluttered skiff… but reading this - is SWITCH not compatible with arc? I may need plan B…

arc does not work with switch. there’s a firmware issue in the arc.

do you get timing glitches with cable swapping?

I haven’t tried cable swapping without the Switch, but I will and will report back. It seems an inelegant methodology next to the lovely switch using Switch… I worry about using ES in my skiff without Switch because of the current draw…

I’ve tested for timing glitches with and without Switch and Switch is definitely the problem. Hot swapping seems fine.

I’ve found a very odd bug with Ansible Levels and TT, and it isn’t caused by Switch. I have stopped using Switch with Arc.
If I set LV.POS to anything other than 0, then Arc freezes. Levels continues to function but no real time adjustment of the CVs or Notes is possible. If I set LV.POS 0, then the arc is active.

ok, that’s a tricky one, made an issue:

Not so fast, I’m afraid. Playing a Kria sequence today, it glitched every time I plugged the grid into module. Switched to using Switch and no glitches on Kria. Not monitoring the other ansible right now. Will update ASAP with what happens to the other ansible (that’s running MP).
Update - after further testing I’m not seeing hot swapping to cause any more or less glitches than when using switch, with 2 ansibles, kria and MP. Neither set up is without glitches.

I thought I’d bump this here now that there will be Arc support for Norns that I’d love to use my switch to switch between Ansible and Norns.
Reading above: “there is surely a firmware modification that could be made to the arc”, I can’t help but wonder how difficult it’d be (as I’ve never modified firmware).

i’ll revisit this prior to shipping out the next batch. it should be a minor fix.


Sounds great! Do you think it will be a fix one could implement on a Switch of an earlier batch too?

As I noticed there was some confusion in the two > one thread linked above, would this “fix” be a firmware update for current Arcs out in the wild or only be applied to new Arcs in the next batch?

yes the fix will apply to existing arcs

will need to formalize an upgrade process as the programmer is a nonstandard connector


Thank you! Very excited to hear that :slight_smile:

sorry to bump an old thread but I am experiencing timing issues with the switch and 2 ansibles running kria. there are intermittent timing glitches when switching back and forth regardless of the clock source. is there a fix for this?