Ansible / Switch Bugs

I thought I’d bump this here now that there will be Arc support for Norns that I’d love to use my switch to switch between Ansible and Norns.
Reading above: “there is surely a firmware modification that could be made to the arc”, I can’t help but wonder how difficult it’d be (as I’ve never modified firmware).

i’ll revisit this prior to shipping out the next batch. it should be a minor fix.


Sounds great! Do you think it will be a fix one could implement on a Switch of an earlier batch too?

As I noticed there was some confusion in the two > one thread linked above, would this “fix” be a firmware update for current Arcs out in the wild or only be applied to new Arcs in the next batch?

yes the fix will apply to existing arcs

will need to formalize an upgrade process as the programmer is a nonstandard connector


Thank you! Very excited to hear that :slight_smile:

sorry to bump an old thread but I am experiencing timing issues with the switch and 2 ansibles running kria. there are intermittent timing glitches when switching back and forth regardless of the clock source. is there a fix for this?


Yeah, this is a long-standing issue. It sounds like this change may fix the problem but the delay was probably put there for a reason, like maybe it’s necessary for using older grids or arcs?

You can try this firmware, which is the same as current master / 3.0.0 but I removed the delay: ansible.hex (369.8 KB)

We would probably need to confirm that this works for all editions, or get Brian’s best guess about why this was included, in order for this change to go into the release firmware.


awesome, thanks will give it a try and let you know.

works perfectly now, thanks!!!

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