Ansible synced to tanzbar sync out

Hello all
Just received my ansible…super happy.
I put it into my setup but it struggles with having a proper sync with the tanzbar sync out

It kind of groovy with the step timing not equal.

I am sure it is not the module as it sync well with cvpal through ableton.
So wondering if there is a way to correct the tanzbar behaviour to play well with ansible.

What kind of clock resolution ansible need?
Can I use din sync standard?


Which ansible mode/app are you using (arc, grid, midi)?

Do you know if the trigger sent by sync out from the tanzbar is particularly narrow?


I am using it with grid. I mainly use kria.

have a look at the sync out of the tanzbar in the picture.

forgot the mention…
the previous picture is with clock divider (internal of the tanzbar).

this is instead the din sync version

The clock inputs to monome modules are expecting one pulse per note generally speaking (not din sync which runs at 24 or 48 pulses per note).

The width of the external clock pulse is also important IIRC. In external sync mode events are triggered when the clock signal goes high (like starting a note) and events end when the clock signal goes low (like ending the note). If the clock signal width is very small (like the sync out plot you provided) there is the chance that notes might get skipped.

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not sure about ansible but white whale doesn’t really care about the pulse width, the only thing it affects is the clock output which follows the external clock exactly.

i just tried syncing both ansible and white whale (running orca) to tanzbar and no issues, it seems stable. looking at the sync signal on oscilloscope it’s at around 3V which might be a bit on a low side, i do have issues with missed triggers when i sync from machinedrum and don’t have the GND IMP machine level all the way up (at the max level it’s around 5V).

what if you try to amplify it via some other module?

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thanks to everyone

:slight_smile: much appreciated!!!

One weird thing: I pass tankbar sync through bastl little nerd, then use the clock divider mode but I am not actually clock dividing and everything is very solid and stable.

Will have a jam and report back.
As usual, great community