Ansible/Teletype 1.4.0

updated ansible midi mode (thanks @ngwese !!) and now tt support for midi control.


plus a bunch of fixes.


I hate to say this but it seems that i2c read has gotten more unstable again.

Try this at a reasonable speed (Metro or not):

X ADD 1 MOD X 64

Apart from the known range read/write bug spot cycle 2 for a while. It is skipping values here every now and then…

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For those that tried the midi arpeggiator in the past and found it difficult to get seamless pattern transitions this release is for you.

The documentation has been updated but here is a more detailed summary of the midi mode changes:


  • configurable slewing on pitch cv in all modes (via tt)
  • change midi clock output from 8th note timing to 16th note timing (suggested by @shellfritsch)
  • midi note to pitch cv mapping output offset settable via tt; allowing midi C3 to be offset to 0V for example (suggested by @madeinspace and others)
  • midi standard and midi arp mode configuration savable via key2 + preset key and the mode light flashes to confirm (prior firmware used key1 + preset key and there was no feedback)
  • active settings retained when switching between ansible modes/apps


  • arp patterns no longer reset to the beginning position of the sequence when held notes change (but the pattern itself changes) - the result is much more fluid transitions.
  • new pattern style; notes as played (now the first style of the 8 styles)
  • key 2 + key 1 toggles held note mode; new notes will add to the chord/pattern as long as one key is held down, releasing all keys will hold the pattern, next key will start the next chord/pattern.
  • pattern repeat 0-8 times with +/- 24 semitone offset range on each repeat (settable vi tt)
  • arp voice clock dividers have been generalized to allow euclidean rhythms along with straight divisions (settable via tt)

A substantial amount of control over the midi mode can be achieved via teletype (see the teletype section of the ansible docs for details). Configuration set via teletype will be retained as part of the ansible config when saved.


thanks @tehn & @ngwese for your hard work on these updates!