Ansible + Teletype = White Whale?

Hi all, just seeking for some advice here as I’m new to Ansible and considering Teletype. I would like to be able to mimic MLR like functionalities with a combination of monome modules and the ER-301. I know ChapelierFou already has a proof of concept using WhiteWhale and it looks pretty close to what I’d like to acheive but WW is dicontinued and apart from getting one second hand I was wondering if a combo Ansible + Teletype would be able to get me there?


i think the 301 + ansible running kria is all you need to have a LOT of fun. as long as your kria sequence is outputting a voltage that rises incrementally with each step you should be able to cut around and loop sections mlr-styles.

what you won’t get is access to up to 7 separate loops at once, with groups and gesture recording.

If you’re not too impatient, i’d suggest to wait some time. I’ve discussed with Brian, the maker of the ER-301, and maybe someday there will be a way to communicate between ansible/TT and the ER-301, and who knows, maybe an mlr mode ?

I “think” that doing a special mlr firmware for ansible must be quite easy to code (well…when you know how to code). Part of the code is already present in WW’s code. And i hope someone (like @scanner_darkly or @bpcmusic ?) would give it a try one day…


as it happens i should be getting my ER-301 tomorrow :slight_smile:

i’m not familiar with mlr/mlrv though, and i imagine the workflow will translate differently when applied to ER-301, especially considering it can be configured in many different ways. it would probably make sense to get a sense of how people integrate their ER-301 with the existing modules/firmwares and then figure out if a dedicated firmware would make sense?


I think mlr like functionality would work for many user cases. Essentially it’s like the main function of earthsea. Recording sequences of button pushes, then manipulating that sequence. With ansible you should be able to get 4cv/gate recorders that allow you to play and chop your button sequences. That would work great for any oscillator,sampler, filter,etc.
A specific firmware for the er-301 one would be mad. But even a general mlr like recorder would be amazing.

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been dreaming of something like this ever since i first used earthsea.


I too am anxious to experiment in this area - just waiting for my ER-301 to ship out (hopefully just a few more days).

…given the demand in this area maybe this could be the first community firmware project!


Let’s jump to this topic ? Idea : general purpose MLR-like sequencer

Is the White Whale firmware available for the Ansible or teletype ?


it’d be trivial to mod it to run on either but currently there are no ansible or teletype versions for white whale.

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Ok thanks to you :slight_smile: maybe in the future