Ansible voltage channel discrepancy

After having tuning issues with my plonk (sequenced by kria), I ran it through a tuner to see what was going on. I discovered that while pitch tracking works perfectly, the base tuning drifts away from 440hz, depending on which kria channel the cv is being sent from. Channel 1 is the worst (off by about 10 cents), 2 is an improvement, 3 is pretty close and 4 is pretty much bang-on.

This is with plonk set to quantized mode. It is not an issue for me as I can just use the 4th channel, but I was wondering if this is normal behaviour? Has anybody experienced similar issues?

I have no multimeter at the moment to check, but I presume that the voltages have a slightly incremental offset per channel.

I even sold the first plonk I owned due to tuning issues, but never thought ansible could be the issue (I must have misunderstood the quantization)!

There is a page which allows you to modify the note lookup tables arbitrarily, described on this page under Tuning. As is my tendency it is a bit of an overengineered mess and I should probably design a simplified UI that just lets you dial in a fixed offset per channel, since I’m guessing this is what you’d typically want. EDIT: added this in a new Ansible build (89d4eb7) in the top post of this thread.

As far as I know this is a pretty typical problem with pitch controllers, there’s some offset due to component tolerances and stuff that needs to be corrected for with trimmers or in software.

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