Ansible / White Whale light pipe bleed

So I wasn’t positive if this was a clever trick or a bad idea, but I have my Ansible sitting next to my White Whale and the trigger LEDs bleed into one another, which can be kind of confusing at times.

Today I had Ansible outside the rack because I was rewiring Teletype with the new ii bus board (prepping for Just Type!!) and I added a strip of electrical tape to the side of Ansible. This should be safe, right?


Tape is always a good idea

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Electrical tape should be fine. It is electrical tape after all :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the confirmation!
Tape stopped the bleedthrough 100% :grinning:

Oh! Great idea. I was annoyed (too harsh), perturbed (also harsh), overly attracted to the bright lights shining thru into other areas… Anyway, I will give this a try this weekend. I’m in the midst of a massive rearrange anyhow. Thanks for the heads up.

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I actually see this with a lot of Eurorack modules that surface mount LEDs (and even some that don’t). Would be nice if everything was enclosed somehow, but alas too expensive / space consuming for Euro.

Good to know! I hardly look at the LEDs on my trilogy for any information other than “yep, it’s running” cause it is so hard to determine from which module the light is emitted. Or just don’t position the PM next to the wale in my case even if it follows my workflow.

tape-- smart idea.

yes there really isn’t an economical solution from a manufacturing perspective. euro isn’t 500 series.

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