Antistatic sandals when making music

OK, so this is like a weird subject, but perhaps other folks may find this helpful: Whenever I am in my music making room, I wear sandals by Birkenstock. I always got a tiny bit of an electric shock when moving around in my room and then touching my electronic instruments. A colleague told me that Birkenstock also does antistatic sandals, but these are only available online, and you have to use the search function and search for “ESD” to find them.

My pair arrived yesterday, no more electric shocks: recommended.

Anybody knows other antistatic sandals recommendations?

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Wow, I have the same problem, and I was also shopping around for ESD slippers this morning. Thanks for the recommendation!

I’m also looking at these for better support during long periods of standing:

But what I really want is a pair of warm fuzzy slippers, since the static problem is worse in the winter…

I wear Birkenstock sandals in the studio, never had any issues. I think static is the interaction between your footwear AND the floor surface type, usually some sort of carpet, though not always?

Interestingly, I do have a wooden floor and also got electrostatic discharges, their strength varying on the clothes I wear (e.g. stronger when wearing wool sweater). I am happy that these are now gone with the ESD sandals.