Any chance for arc studies both for norns/lua and max?

I have become enthralled by an arc and the incredible potential that it holds. Seeing/using is believing and I have caught the bug. So, I want to try and add Arc capability to Max and Norns… But there doesn’t seem to be a lot in terms of documentation… I can take apart a few of the public scripts, but nothing to help me break down what I’m seeing.

Are there any intentions of adding something simple? I understand that its nothing quite as complicated as the grid (part of why I’m so intrigued by it!) but some direction would be awesome.



this would be dope! happy to pair up on it or help get some snippets “study-ified”, if anybody’s interested in getting started on this? otherwise, i’ll add it to the docs queue :slight_smile:

also, kassel, if you want to start in and just ask questions about what you’re seeing in other scripts, i’m sure we can get some folks to help answer and shape it out that way!


Yeah! I would LOVE to be involved in this. I was going to start a brief thread about the DIY arc as well. I have seen, now that I’ve built something, that having the arc in hand is truly a “to use it is to believe it” type situation… I’m actually thinking that if I truly find ways to program it and use it, I will ask the wife for one for my upcoming birthday… Which might make her pull her hair out considering I’ve just spent a month building this one!!

But I actually see the arc being a clever stepping stone to the grid. Its a bit more straight forward, four inputs, 256 (4 x 64) outputs. Something about that feels a bit more… manageable? So, yeah! I want to try digging in and if this can become a part of my process, fully upgrading to the real one (its drool worthy, jeez)!

So, yeah, in light of potentially starting some conversations about ways that people can become acquainted with the hardware in an introductory way, I figured we can begin to get some more documentation up here.

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OOoooohhh, good question! I am still looking through some simple scripts in max. Lua is a bit tougher for me to get my head around, but I’ve just installed Arcify and am attempting to apply it to MLR… I will look at angl next, as this happens to have much of the ‘momentum’ effect that makes the arc so special…

I will get back to you!

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prior to the creation of an arc study… i’d first suggest doing the norns studies before going straight for arc integration, otherwise you’ll get hung up on a lot of not-arc details.

for max check out the monome package, which includes some some arc examples and also returns which is an excellent candidate for pulling apart to see how it works. again, you need to know a bit of max for this to make sense.


Thanks. I’ve been doing a little Max exploration and have found it extremely intuitive for me. I’ll continue my initial explorations there.

I will do the norns study a 3rd time in hopes of Lua clicking for me. I’ll also explore some video primers on it as well. Arcify also seems like an interesting way to potentially get some tests in.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Here a simple educational script for using arc into norns context.
Maybe it can be useful.


It be great if arc was more built in the Norns. To be able to assign arc encoders to different parameters easily in scripts would be nice.

Yeah, there are a few simple libraries, but it’s hardly what one would call “turn-key”

I know that @tyleretters had worked on a newer library for arc functionality, in hopes of curing some of the short comings he felt Arcify had in terms of assumptions the library makes. But I haven’t taken the time to truly dig in to it. I’ve sorta turned much of my efforts recently away from development and to actually trying to write a little music (which is hilariously sorta new for me).

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Ya gotta mix it up! I’m not much of a coder unfortunately. I did try Arcify today for the first time with a newly acquired arc but unfortunately it did not work for me. :thinking:

It took me an hour or two to figure it out but I’m no coder either. It’s hard!! I built a version of GRD that is controlled by the Arc. It was a good simple addition. I tried to integrate the arc to mlr and failed miserably. I guess each program has its own potential for the Arcify library.

Yeah I hear you. Could you do me a favor and see if Arcify still works for you after the most recent update if you haven’t already? I don’t even got lights on my arc with it but arc works in other scripts, so I am curious. If you can’t no worries.

I won’t be able to till later tonight, but would be happy to check then!

If it does still work, I’ll send you the GRD script I altered so you can take a look at how I did it. Full disclosure, it really does kinda make the head hurt to begin to learn programming from where we’re trying to find a way in.

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Sounds good. I like looking at scripts even if most of it is way past my deciphering abilities.

So, it worked for me. Here is the script, so you can compare against the original grd and see how I changed it: (2.5 MB)

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Seems like a good place for this question rather than starting a new thread:

What’s the compatibility status of the DIY Arc (Slow Growth) with Norns?

I have the trio (Norns, Shield, Fates) and have been lusting for an Arc / something new to build. Could dedicate one machine to the Arc if it requires some code modifications.

It is exactly like a standard arc. It is built using the same FTDI tech. Even an ansible recognizes it as OEM.

So, while the current arc has a much finer fidelity, they generally function exactly the same.

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