Any got the lua script for the 16sliders demo controlled by 16n?

title says it all.
sorry if it’s obvious, I just couldn’t find it…

Is this what you’re looking for?

Otherwise, you can use the midi assign on the parameters menu of Norns.

Thanks Jonny, but that’s just the ‘stock’ demo.
Someone modified it to support the 16n faderbank, I was looking for that.
Here’s the video:

@bpcmusic Hi Brendon, i just worked out this was you :slight_smile:
I don’t suppose the lua script for this is floating around? Thx

Hmm. Not sure where I left it. It was a pretty quick hack to use the MIDI output of the 16n.

Necro-ing this thread. Just starting out with a Norns Shield, and also want to know how to add the 16n into the 16Sliders code. Total newbie, don’t even know where to start. Thanks.

Ha! This was my journey not so long ago. Check out the sines app in maiden.


Ooh, thanks so much. :slight_smile:

I’m literally starting with getting “Hello World” on the screen, and figuring out how to write a simple script to move the text around the screen with the encoders.

Maybe start with the docs and the study tutorials. These are definitely the place to begin figuring stuff out.