Any interest in an LCRP in the new year?

Would anyone be up for a new year’s LCRP?

I was thinking “new noise” as the theme. Or open to suggestions.

Would someone also be willing to curate this one?


Absolutely. Happy to curate this one if we start after New Year’s Eve.


in. Theme suits my new microgranny perfectly.

whatever the theme becomes, i’m interested.


So very in.

All of the in.

been a while
i’ll try something for it

in! very excited, loved last time.

New year necrobump! :grinning:

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Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:
Will split off a new topic during the day tomorrow to start off the process.


I’m interested. I regret not having the time to do the last one.

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Could someone pretend I’m a big ol’ dummy and tell me what LCRP means? I assume it’s some kind of music creation situation (competition? maybe something like WeeklyBeats?), so I’m inherently down, but I would like to know what I’m down for :slight_smile:

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lines community remix project
based on the compilations from the old monome forum (MCRP = monome community remix project)


  1. two deadlines were set by a member leading the project
  2. all contributors able to meet the 1st date would submit two samples (traditionally percussive/tonal…sometimes following other themes)
  3. the bank of samples would be made available to all
  4. tracks would be sent in by the 2nd date
  5. an album would be released with the resulting work

Basic gist is each contributor enters 2 samples (usually themed) one rhythmic and the other musical.

Then we get a month/2 months to create a tune using only the samples provided.


OK, the first LCRP for 2017 is up:


+1 for naming the comp necrobump haha