Any new modules for the Grid in development?

I have the White Whale and love it. Getting the EarthSea any day now it’s on order. But I want more ways to use my Grid in my rack :wink:

I mean the Grid is just a think of beauty and I want to use it for everything.

One that would be great is some type of module that would let us create applications for the monome without hacking firmware. A language for creating Grid based instruments?

I just want a zillion ways to use the Grid as my main controller of my Eurorack.

I think you should look into teletype :smile:


i think the teletype is pretty amazing given what i’ve seen so far from videos and posts. i’ll probably end up with one early next year. right now tho, i literally just got a monome and am loving that way of working. the monome is a totally new way for me to work, it’s prompted a ton of creativity. i’m not ready to go back to working with numbers just yet.

The grid works quite well with Max! No firmware hacking required. :wink:

Part of me moving to eurorack is to stop using my computer so much. I don’t want to deal with computer software anymore. I’m over it, plug-ins, software updates, OS updates breaking my apps and the whole thing. I am going back to being all hardware based.