Any Nord Lead 3 users? I've written a free Sysex Librarian for Mac for it

So I’ve been playing around with Swift and Cocoa for fun and wrote a sort-of-clone of the stock Nord Sound Manager, but for the ancient Nord Lead 3. It’s got all the usual tricks: sync with the synth, move/delete/rename/recategorize patches, import new ones from sysex on your drive, and then spit the result out either to the synth or as Sysex files. A few little goodies like live audition so you can hear the patch you’ve selected and live replace so you can tweak it on the synth and send it back to the editor slot right away, etc. Nothing too fancy.

It’s free for the asking, just send me a private message and I’ll email you a copy.

Compiled for MacOS 10.12 and newer.


Very nice. I’d love to give it a try.

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hi, i really want to try this…can you please send me the link?

Please note that you’ll need to PM me your email to get a copy, as I mention in the OP! :smiley: