Any recommended controllers for MIDI CC, Eurorack or otherwise?

I recently purchased a TC Helicon Voicelive Touch 2 which has the ability to receive MIDI CC to manipulate and change various parameters including changing the key that the pitch correction adheres to. This has me thinking of all sorts of neat ways in which I could process vocals, however I don’t know a darn thing about MIDI CC.

Do you know anything about MIDI CC? Can you recommend any controllers or eurorack modules that send MIDI CC?

I have been having a blast using Parc to send probabilistic midi CCs to modulate effects in Ableton. Should work just fine with your TC too.

Plenty more monome apps here that will work as well:

Happy to try and answer questions about Midi CC too – look around, there’s not a lot to them. :slight_smile:

Behringer makes some interesting controllers. The BCR2000 knob box is something I keep meaning to grab.,Computer%20Audio

Faderfox, a small German company, makes quite a lot of hardware controller boxes that spit out MIDI CCs. I use their PC4 and love it. Very well built and really compact. The Behringer BCR2000 was way too large for me.

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@pztzr Check out the midi fighter twister! 4 banks of 16 rotary and push endless encoders all individually assignable to midi CC and midi channel. I have one and love it if you have any detailed questions

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Seconding Faderfox controllers, lovely quality, good functionality and great after sales care.
I had a stick break off mine and for a small fee he sent a replacement stick and the same glue he uses to stick the original ones on…

Anyone using one of these? It looks pretty comprehensive. It’s twice the money vs Midi Fighter Twister, but those seem to be sold out everywhere, right now with bidding wars on eBay. Plus this looks much more powerful version of basically the same thing. Right?

Yup, see: Friends of norns

EC4 feels more cramped than the Twister and there’s no indicator for the encoder push-button state, but the tradeoff for 16 setups x 16 groups each, labeling and on-device editing is more than worth it. MIDI (by minijack) is welcome too.

I got an EC4 a few months back and am happy with it. I was tossing up with a midi fighter, but the knob labels and number of setups/groups did it for me. I use it with a eurorack FH-2, and a bunch of ipad apps.

Great. That’s pretty much what I have in mind for it.

How about an iPad, the lemur app, & midi interface?